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Those who know it all achieve their goals faster!
The best diet for your PowerBar tour

The right sports nutrition strategy is an important aspect for maximum physical and mental performance and helps athletes to give their all. PowerBar gives tips on how to prepare best.


  • Do not experiment with nutrition on competition days. Each cyclist is different! Use the intensive training phase to test which food you can perfectly cope with and when! Thus, you will get a feeling of WHAT to eat and drink WHEN and HOW MUCH. This can help avoid unpleasant surprises or symptoms caused by a low blood sugar level. In addition, you should keep in mind that high-intensity activities or nervousness may also reduce the tolerance of food.
  • You should generally eliminate hard to digest foods. Too fatty or very spicy food or food that is rich in dietary fibres, like fresh wholemeal bread, may cause discomfort or stomach and intestinal complaints during a race, especially when eaten in the last hours before a stage.
  • When eaten 3-4 hours before a race, an easily digestible meal that is rich in carbohydrates helps refill the body-own glycogen reserves. Especially recommended are e.g. easily digestible breakfast cereals like cornflakes with banana slices and milk (for those who tolerate milk), pasta with low-fat sauce (e.g. low-fat Bolognese or tomato sauce with a bit of Parmesan cheese), rice with stewed carrots and a bit of chicken, white rolls with e.g. honey, marmalade or low-fat cold meat. Make sure to drink enough as well!


Have a carbohydrate snack and a drink within the last hour before the stage to be perfectly prepared.
Rice waffles with honey, white raison rolls or carbohydrate sports bars like the PowerBar® ENERGIZE bar are perfect in combination with sufficient liquid. Road cyclists with a very sensitive or nervous stomach are well-advised to go for liquid carbohydrate suppliers (sports drinks or gels dissolved in water), as they are usually very easy to digest.


Regularly eat and drink enough during the race.
The actual fluid intake needs during a stage depends on several factors, including climatic conditions, your individual sweat rate and the intensity of the activity. If you haven’t yet found your individual drinking strategy, you can follow the following rule of thumb: Drink 150 ml (e.g. PowerBar® ISOACTIVE Isotonic Sports Drink) every 15 minutes. PowerBar® ENERGIZE bars or POWERGEL®s additionally supply your body with carbohydrates during races.

The perfect amount of carbohydrates you should eat during a competition particularly depends on the duration and intensity of the activity, as well as on the individual tolerability of the athlete. Therefore: Test and pursue your carbohydrate strategy during training and never try something new in a race!


After the stage it’s all about recovery. Apart from sufficient sleep, targeted nutrition strategies may support an effective and fast recovery: Immediately after the stage, it’s important to supply your body with carbohydrates to fill up the empty glycogen reserves (energy reserves in the cells of the liver and skeletal muscle). Besides, proteins are important for muscle repair, while liquid and electrolytes (esp. sodium) help to efficiently compensate for fluid deficits. Recommended snacks for recovery are, for instance, the PowerBar® RECOVERY Regeneration Drink, the PowerBar® PROTEIN PLUS 52% bar, a pretzel with a big cup of fruit buttermilk or a low-fat sandwich with a drink.

Enjoy cycling and good luck for your PowerBar tour!