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Polar M460 GPS bike computer

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Perfect for cycling – the Polar M460 bike computer is a GPS all-rounder with advanced power metrics that brings more motivation and increase in perfor... más detalles


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Perfect for cycling – the Polar M460 bike computer is a GPS all-rounder with advanced power metrics that brings more motivation and increase in performance on all levels, for both road cycling and mountain biking. The M460 has an elegant high-quality design with a carbon fibre style finish and five textured buttons. A splash proof housing and a front LED light offer safety and make sure you can use the computer in almost all environments and any weather. The M460 impresses with a battery life of 16 hours and can track up to 70 hours of training. Smart Notifications keep you connected during your rides and transfer news from your smartphone to the four-line, customizable display. Integrated GPS, a barometer, ascent and speed measurements, a detailed display of power metrics as well as proven Polar Smart Coaching features offer you performance-oriented parameters for further analysis and increase in performance. Thanks to a complete Bluetooth Low Energy Support, the M460 offers full compatibility with third-party Bluetooth Low Energy power sensors and apps like Strava or TrainingPeaks. The possibility to analyse your data with the free Polar Flow App or the Polar Flow web service top off the versatile options the M460 offers.

· Comprehensive presentation of cycling power metrics (speed, with appropriate sensors: cadence, heart rate, power)
· Speed (current, Ø, max.), speed/pace zones
· Optional with sensor: heart rate (current, Ø, max.), heart rate zones
· Optional with sensor: cadence (current, Ø, max.)
· Optional with sensor: power (current, Ø, max.), left/right balance (requirement: dual-sided crank meters), power zones
· Training zones with ZonePointer
· Laps (automatic and manual)
· Define settings for up to three bikes
· Auto start/stop
· Choose a sport profile from over 100 predefined profiles

· Date, day of the week
· Time (12/24 h)

· Reliable measurement of speed, distance, position thanks to GPS
· Altitude measurement with barometer (metres/feet), ascended and descended metres/feet, measurement of ascent, gradient in % and degrees
· Back to Start function shows you the way back home
· Optionally available Bluetooth Smart sensors: heart rate (e.g. Polar H7, item no.: 1922505 or H10, item no.: 2259656 or see Polar M460 bundle, item no.: 2260443), speed and cadence (e.g. item no.: 2025988) and power (e.g. power meter cranksets like the Rotor 2INpower, item no.: 2242868)

Smart Coaching
· Orthostatic Test: helps you optimize your training based on your current condition (only possible with optionally available chest strap)
· Fitness Test with OwnIndex®: shows you how your fitness is developing (only possible with optionally available chest strap)
· Training Benefit: delivers motivating feedback immediately after your ride and describes the training efficiency
· Training Load: The M460 shows you how your training affects your body. In this way, you can adjust training intensity and duration even more specifically to your needs (only possible with optionally available chest strap)
· Recovery Status: Shows you the required recovery time – finding the perfect balance between training and recovery is child’s play with the M460 (only possible with optionally available chest strap)
· Compatible with e.g. TrainingPeaks, Strava (including 60-day free trial of Strava Live Segments)
· TrainingPeaks users can additionally track Normalized Power® (NP®), Intensity Factor® (IF®) and Training Stress Score® (TSS®) when using a power meter

Polar Flow Web service and Flow App
· With Polar Flow – the complete fitness and training platform on your desktop of mobile device – you can track and analyse your rides.

Polar Coach
· Free online tool to easily create training programmes and to follow your progress in cycling

· USB cable for data synchronization for PC or Mac via the Polar Flow web service (required for software updates)
· Bluetooth Smart with your smartphone
· Smart Notifications via Polar Flow App

· Small integrated front LED, offers safety in poor light conditions
· Weight: approx. 50 g
· Dimensions: ,4 x 4,9 x 1,4 cm
· FSTN positive transflective display, display size: approx. 35 x 35 mm
· Display backlight
· Micro USB port
· 5 physical buttons with improved texture (incl. button lock)
· Barometer and GPS (preloaded GPS positions for faster location)
· 64 MB internal memory
· Training memory time: up to 70 hours (without GPS), 35 hours (with GPS and optional heart rate and power sensor)
· Integrated 385 mAh, 4,35 V battery, rechargeable via USB cable
· Battery life: up to 16 hours with GPS and heart rate on, up to 12 hours with all sensors and front LED light
· Splash proof (IPX7)
· Customizable display (up to four rows)
· Supported languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Danish, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, German, Italian, Finnish, Polish, Russian, Chinese (simplified), Japanese, Turkish, Czech, Indonesian

· Including: Polar M460, handlebar or stem mount, USB cable

Manufacturer’s ref.: 90064757

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