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Set 25 Security Thru Axle Maxle 15x100 mm

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Set 25 Security Thru Axle Maxle 15x100 mm

Código de producto: 228860601

47,95 RRP 69,90 €

Precio IVA incluido más 9,95 € (de envío a España)

Plazo 4-8 días

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To secure the front wheel at your road and cyclocross fork with Maxle mount from theft, you can fit the Pitlock security set 25 to it. Simply replace the original thru axle at your fork with the 15x100 mm Pitlock security thru axle. The specially milled, coded nut of the axle can only be loosened with the matching Pit key. There are over 1000 different key combinations available. Besides, the handy Pit adapter is small enough for your key ring, so that you can remove your front wheel whenever you want. A separately available, matching Pit tool can be found with prod. code 2288613. You can even individually order coded Pitlocks for additional thru axles, tensions axles, brakes and saddle clamps that match your code system. Thus, high-quality components are perfectly protected from theft. When will you pitlock your bike?

• Coded Pitlock thru axle for front wheels
• Front wheel: 15 x 100 mm
• Compatible with Maxle mount at forks of road, gravel and cyclocross bikes
• Coded nut with key
• Supplementary order after registration
• The code of the lock can be produced to be compatible to existing Pitlock M5 security systems.
• Easy to fit within seconds
• Made in Germany
• Axle diameter: 15 mm
• Width: 100 mm
• Total length: 125 mm
• Thread length: 15 mm
• Thread pitch: 1,5 mm
• Required contact surface: 19 mm Ø
• Material: anodised aluminium / stainless steel
• Weight: approx. 54 g

In the box:
• Pitlock security axle with M5 closure
• Adapter sleeve 15 x 100mm
• M5 Pit key
• Code card

Replaces 15 x 100 mm thru axle for Maxle mount. Not compatible with other thru axle systems! To make sure the Pitlock security system fits your bike you can simply compare the dimensions with those of the original axle. For more information see the comparative scale for thru axles (simply click on the info button below)

To ensure a uniform look and for protection, the coded bolt heads can be covered with a matching Pitlock aluminium cap (prod. code 2288618). Alternatively, you can fit the conical end cap (prod. code 2288664).

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