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Set 02/GA Security locks for wheels, seatpost, stem / fork

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Set 02/GA Security locks for wheels, seatpost, stem / fork

Código de producto: 228862001

72,95 RRP 95,90 €

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Plazo 4-8 días

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An allround protection for all easily removable components on your bike can be achieved with Pitlock’s Set 02/GA to secure wheels, seatpost and fork with stem. Simply replace the original tension axles, clamp screws and the top cap with adjustment screw with the Pitlock versions with security bolts. This can be done in a few minutes only and means a durable protection from theft. The specially milled, coded nuts and bolt heads with coded fitting can only be loosened with the matching Pit key. There are over 1000 different key combinations available, yet this one conveniently fits all security locks of the set. Thus, high-quality components are perfectly protected from theft.

Besides, the handy Pit adapter is small enough for your key ring, so that you can remove the wheels whenever you want and adjust the saddle height as usual. A separately available, matching Pit tool can be found with prod. code 2288613. You can even individually order coded Pitlocks for additional thru axles, tensions axles, brakes and saddle clamps that match your code system. When will you pitlock your bike?

• Security set for tensions and clamp bolts
• Coded bolting protects front wheel, rear wheel, seatpost and Ahead cap
• Coded nut with key
• Keyed alike – one Pit key for all bolts
• Supplementary order after registration
• Wheel security lock for hub width: 100 mm (front) / 135 mm (rear)
• Seatpost security lock for saddle clamp up to 33 mm clamp width
• 1⅛” Ahead security lock with top cap
• Easy to fit within seconds
• Made in Germany
• Material: stainless steel
• Weight: approx. 140 g (without Pit key)

Front wheel locking device:
• Coded Pitlock VA 119 tensions axle
• As replacement for removable quick-release axle
• Hub width: 100 mm (span 104 – 119 mm)
• Total length: 129 mm
• Axle Ø: 5 mm (M5)
• Thread length: approx. 25 mm

Rear wheel locking device:
• Coded Pitlock HA 155 tension axle
• As replacement for removable quick-release axle
• Hub width: 135 mm (span 140 – 155 mm)
• Total length: 165 mm
• Axle Ø: 5 mm (M5)
• Thread length: approx. 25 mm

Seatpost locking device:
• Coded Pitlock SA/LA 33 clamp screw
• As replacement for removable quick-release axle or bolting
• Hub width: span 18 – 33 mm
• Total length: 43 mm
• Axle Ø: 5 mm (M5)
• Thread length: approx. 25 mm

Stem/fork securing device with top cap and tension screw:
• Ahead cap 1⅛“
• Securing system made up from plug and coded screw
• As replacement for original Ahead bolting (not for carbon forks)
• Base Ø: ⅞“ (23 mm)
• Head Ø: 1 ¼“ (32 mm)
• Height: 11.4 mm
• Anodised aluminium
• With Teflon disc
• Stainless steel M6 screw
• With coded bolt head
• Total length: 40 mm
• Thread size: M5
• Thread length: approx. 27 mm

In the box:
• Pitlock security tension axle front wheel
• Pitlock security tension axle rear wheel
• Pitlock security axle for saddle clamp
• Pitlock Ahead/fork securing device with top cap and screw
• Pit key
• Code card

The Ahead securing device only fits Ahead systems with claw mechanism. Not suitable for carbon forks with expander!
Due to smaller bolts, the Pitlock combo set 02/GA with M5 component security locks cannot be produced with identical codings as Pitlock systems for solid axles.

To ensure a uniform look and for protection, the coded bolt heads can be covered with a matching Pitlock aluminium cap (prod. code 2288618). Alternatively, you can fit the conical end cap (prod. code 2288664).

In addition, Pitlock’s Pit-Stopper bolt head plugs (prod. code 221119600) can be ordered for enhanced protection of the saddle, to prevent that the saddle clamp bolts can be loosened easily. Depending on the construction of the seatpost, the Pitlock clamp can also be positioned on top of the seatpost under the saddle clamp bolts in order to block access to the bolt head.

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Set 02/GA Security locks for wheels, seatpost, stem / fork

Leider ist nur eine Codenuß dabei. Früher waren Zwei dabei um das gleiche Geld!!!


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