Carbon wheel technology – handmade in Austria

Since the foundation of the XeNTiS Composite Entwicklungs- und Produktions GmbH in 2002, an experienced team deals with the multiple possibilities of the fibre-reinforced plastic technology. In short, it’s all about carbon fibre at XeNTiS in Austria. Besides visible and structural components, the experts from Styria also manufacture rims, wheels and components in special shapes and with special features, which will make any passionate cyclist’s heart beat faster. Carbon - the material that you can rely upon every single second. In daily training as well as during your personal competition highlights. Many of them conform to UCI standards.

For years, the name XeNTiS has stood for innovation and technological advance. After the implementation of CAD and FE calculation systems and laboratory tests, the cooperation and exchange of experience with many athletes and racing teams constantly drive the development of wheels and components. Prototypes are constructed, analysed and subjected to frequent wind tunnel and field tests. A prime example are the monocoque wheels made from 100% carbon. Their perfect stiffness at a low weight is made possible with the One-Shot-Hollow (OSH) technology. The carbon fabric is completely processed by hand and laminated in accordance with the fibre structure and load distribution. Every finished wheel is fitted with an RFID chip

to guarantee the traceability of their origin and the production process.Well-founded know-how gained over many years in dealing with fibre-reinforced composite material is brought into the largely manual production of tubeless-ready rims for clincher tyres and tubular tyres for road, race and time trial. XeNTiS wants to set new standards in lightweight wheel construction. Carbon in the shape of standard rims, aero rims or disc wheel design is intended to catapult ambitious road cyclists, triathletes and professional cyclists into completely new performance dimensions. While the development process is characterised by the requirements of stable lightweight construction and aerodynamics, the focus is also on road stability and durability.

The experts at XeNTiS are not limited to the production of high-quality carbon rims but are also pushing ahead with the development and production of in-house hubs made from aluminium and carbon. In cooperation with DT Swiss, the product range is constantly expanded. Only products that meet the high XeNTiS demands and safety standards, are released for production.