WD-40 keeps your bike running smoothly

WD-40 is a popular multifunctional product that can be used for almost all maintenance and repair works. The classic version in a blue-yellow can was launched in 1958 as a product for water displacement and corrosion protection. However, the universal oil can also be used as a rust dissolver, contact spray, cleaning spray or even as a light lubricant. Thanks to its versatility, WD-40 is suitable for versatile use in workshops, households or in the service sector.

WD-40 is even suitable for rusted-in screw connections. After having let the oil work into the parts for a while and creep underneath the rust, the parts can be easily removed. Bowden cables and shifting components can also be lubricated with WD-40. The typical spray bottle is available in different sizes and comes with a practical, firmly integrated spray tube. It can be adjusted in two different positions, one for spot-on application and one for the application to larger areas. After use, the surface remains protected thanks to a thin film of oil.

Besides this versatile spray, the product range of WD-40 includes additional products for special use. As the multifunctional spray is not suitable for bicycle chains, the product range also includes a chain cleaning spray, chain oil and care spray that have all been especially developed for the care of the chain drive. The advantages of these products are a low wear of highly stressed parts, smoother shifting processes, higher efficiency, corrosion protection and thus a reduced risk of breakdown caused by a broken chain.

Apart from standard chain oil, WD-40 also offers a wet oil that is developed for wet and muddy conditions. This resistant oil guarantees long-lasting lubrication even in extreme conditions.

WD-40 also offers the right product for the cleaning of sensitive surfaces like carbon, chrome, rubber or paint. Thanks to their ease of use and effectiveness, cleaning and care products are a clever choice for everyday use.