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Cycling pros who want to achieve good results need high-tech tools and devices with which they can monitor their current fitness level and performance. Because coach, team and cycling pro only know where they need to improve when they have information on the training results. Yet, there are also hobby cyclists who would like to get an easy, fast and uncomplicated overview of their current fitness level. For all bike enthusiasts and performance-oriented athletes, Wahoo Fitness has developed products that allow you to call up, monitor, compare and analyse fitness data with your smartphone.

The smartphone as a measuring device
Wahoo Fitness is an American company that helps cyclists monitor and improve their performance in training and competitions with high-tech products. The measurements are based on digital devices that keep cyclists informed about their performance at any time and in any situation. The technical basis are so-called fitness sensor by Wahoo Fitness. The data collected are transferred to an iPhone or another smartphone. In this way, the cyclist and his/her team gets precise information on the kilometres ridden during training and on his/her heart rate in different situations.

Efficient measurement during cycling training
The American company from Georgia offers different products that allow cyclists to monitor their performance as efficiently as possible and with minimum effort. The range of the company includes technical devices that are mounted directly on the bike. A practical place to always have the performance data in view is, of course, the handlebar. However, Wahoo Fitness gadgets can also be worn around your arm or chest and offer great next-to-skin comfort. Thanks to Wahoo Fitness, it’s easier than ever to always stay up-to-date and enjoy precise data measurement over your iPhone, smartphone or fitness app. Besides, all measurements require low energy. Wahoo fitness allows for wireless training and performance control.