Vredestein – over 100 years of experience in the manufacture of tyres

Vredestein can look back on a long company history. Since 1909, the Dutch company has manufactured high-quality rubber products, while the focus was already on car and bicycle tyres at the very beginning. Today’s Vredestein bicycle tyres represent the result of these many years of experience. The product range offers the right tyre for every hobby and professional cyclist and ranges from super-lightweight road bike slick tyres, via reliable trekking tyres through to mountain bike tyres.  

Vredestein invests many resources in the research and development of new products. To guarantee maximum performance, the quality of rubber compounds is regularly tested in laboratories and continuously developed further.

A good bicycle tyre should combine different qualities. Apart from a perfect grip on different grounds and in different weathers, the tyre should offer a low rolling resistance so that the bike is easy to handle and agile. If the tyre is too thin for weight reasons, it will offer less durability and be less resistant to punctures. Vredestein road bike tyres come with the Excellent-Protection technology with densely woven polyamide fabric inside the casing and thus offer great puncture protection; despite this safety measure, the weight is low and the riding qualities sporty. The tyres also play an important role when customizing the sport device, which is why most models come in different colours.  

In addition, Vredestein also offers bicycle tyres for hobby cyclists. The knowledge gained from the development of high-end tyres is also integrated into the development of these lower priced models.