Nature is the best teacher and you get the best ideas when observing nature carefully and learning from it. This is also what inspires the designers from UYN who are constantly aiming at giving sport activities a natural freedom and lightness to create a perfect environment for best performances.

Unleash your nature – the name of the brand is both their claim and motivation for developing functional underwear for all sport activities. After all, the technologies of the different materials and yarns used by the Italian manufacturer Trère Innovation are all taken from nature and support you to push your physical limits and unleash new powers. Yet, clothing by UYN also stands out for comfort and relaxation – whether after a tough training session or a successful competition.

Only when the clothes avoid heat accumulation, reflect heat, have a cooling effect and reduce friction – when you don’t notice them at all, if possible – they meet the high quality standards of UYN. Besides, it is more than just underwear or socks – it is a touch of nature supporting your sporting ambitions.