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Tunap Sports
Passion for athletes and material

High-quality care products…

High-quality care products for your material – this is the requirement of Tunap Sports. Since 2015, the Munich subsidiary of the internationally operating Würth Group has been active on the market for bicycle cleaning and care products.
…for your bicycle

Tunap Sports wants to offer all bike enthusiasts added value with bicycle care products. Because everyone – ranging from commuters who brave the wind on their city bike via hobby cyclists through to cycling pros – needs a smooth-running and reliable bike. At the same time, everyone knows that regular servicing of your bike may increase its durability.

Parallel to the development of high-quality bike care products, the developers of Tunap Sports have focused on a precise and economic application. Therefore, Tunap products such as drivetrain cleaners, suspension fork and brake cleaners come with great adhesion qualities that help remove even stubborn dirt. Thin capillary tubes make sure the products are easy to apply to the areas concerned. Tunap’s drivetrain cleaner and chain oil, too, offer an advantage that should not be underestimated: They both come with a brush for a direct and effective application. Last but not least, the biodegradable Tunap e-bike cleaner turns the cleaning of sensitive e-bikes into a child’s play.