Wear your heart rate, your pulse and your route around your wrist

Since the foundation of TomTom in 1991, the company that became well-known all over the world with the manufacture of navigation devices has been working on making technology available to everyone. For sport enthusiasts, TomTom produces intelligent sport watches that help athletes to achieve their fitness goals. The TomTom multi-sport watch measures your heart rate directly at the wrist so that you don’t need to wear a chest strap. Apart from precise information on your heart rate, speed, time, distance covered and calories burned, the 22x25 mm large display also shows your route.
Different programmes help you achieve your personal goals. You can motivate and challenge yourself with distance, time and calorie goals before every training session. To improve your speed and endurance, you can select interval training. When diverging from the goals set, an acoustic or vibration alert will let you know. The race mode compares your current workout with previous performances.

The computer cannot only be removed from the strap to equip it with replacement straps, but it can also be easily attached to the handlebar thanks to a clever bicycle bracket. From here, it shows the rider information on cadence and speed in addition to all other data. An appropriate measuring device can be easily attached to the bike so that the data can be transferred wirelessly via Bluetooth to the sport watch at the handlebar.

The name multi-sport says it all – the versatile watches cannot only be used for running and cycling, but also for swimming or for the combination of all three kinds of sport. The watch is waterproof to 50 m. Moreover, you’ll get information on efficiency, swimming strokes, swimming style, laps and speed when swimming.