Cintas de manillar, portabotellines y tapones de manillar elegantes de California


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Growing up in California surfing, skating, and snowboarding, Anthony Sinyard – SUPACAZ founder and son of Specialized founder Mike Sinyard – was always confused why cycling gear and clothing was so dull.

The SUPACAZ Philosophy – Performance meets Style
As a UCI pro, Anthony searched far and near for a bike brand that emulated the captivating swagger of his favourite surf and skate brands. After coming back empty handed, he finally came up with the idea to create his own brand in 2010. The name of the stylish brand is an abbreviation for “Super Casual”. Performance and style – these are the two pillars of SUPACAZ.

The SUPACAZ range – from bar tape through to bottle cages
In 2013, the Californian brand became known for their Super Sticky Kush bar tape setting new trends with bright colours and stylish designs on road bikes all over the world. Today, the range includes much more than just bar tape. SUPACAZ also offers grips, bar end caps, Ahead caps and bottle cages in a wide range of colours and designs that perfectly combine performance with style.