Highly effective shoe insoles for road cyclists and mountain bikers


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The innovative carbon sports insoles by Solestar
With its insoles, Solestar wants to bring rider and sporting tool closer together. The patented Stabilization-Delta of the high-tech carbon soles optimizes the position of the foot, stabilizes and corrects individual malalignments if necessary and offers a more efficient power transfer to the pedal. This not only maximizes the rider’s performance but also helps to avoid a faulty foot posture. Even though there were already special sports insoles for athletes in the past, Solestar was the first company to optimize the insoles for cycling.

No foot is like the other. However, the position that offers best power transfer and protection for the joints when pedalling is always the same: the neutral zero position. With Solestar insoles, different types of feet are brought into this position that provides a stable base and best body statics.

The innovative and sophisticated concept was developed in Berlin, where they are also continuously further improved. Moreover, the insoles are made in Germany to guarantee very high quality standards. The insoles fit in all shoe models and are available in all common shoe sizes.

In addition to the insoles for road cycling, Solestar also offers insoles that are especially designed to meet the special requirements of mountain bikers. Compared to the road bike soles, they come with a thicker padding and also withstand jumps in rough terrain thanks to a generally higher pressure resistance.

The high-tech insoles optimize the foot position of road cyclists and mountain bikers in a comfortable way and thus promise more health and enjoyment of sports!