To care for the skin is part of a healthy lifestyle and this care is especially important for athletes who love to do be active out in the nature. For the company Sixtus from the Schliersee lake in Upper Bavaria, caring for and regenerating stressed skin of athletes with creams, lotions and oils with natural ingredients has been a matter close to their heart for more than 80 years now.

Selected essences of all-natural Alpine herbs, essential oils, evening primrose oil and allantoin – this patented formula forms the basis for Sixtus high-quality care products. The Alpine herbs are selected according to the intended application and skin type; the essential oils are extracted from untreated blossoms, leaves and roots. They do not only have healing ingredients, but also give the creams a pleasant fragrance. Gamma-linolenic acid, a valuable element of the evening primrose, increases the skin’s elasticity and reduces the formation of wrinkles in the face. Allantoin, an extract made from comfrey roots soothes irritated skin and accelerates the regeneration of the cells.  

Many of the valuable Alpine herbs grow almost directly in front of the doors of the Sixtus factory. Other essences on the contrary come from far away, such as the spruce needle oil or lavender from Mediterranean countries. All raw materials are tested for purity in the in-house laboratory before they are processed in an environmentally friendly way. 

Many years of quality: Since 1952, Sixtus has already been supplying the German Olympic teams with healing extracts. Sixtus is especially committed to cycling and has already offered numerous athletes a proven remedy for years.

Centuries old knowledge about the healing power of herbs is used for the development of 100% natural Sixtus products in combination with modern processing techniques. Together with a demanding quality assurance, all of these aspects aim at best care for maltreated skin of athletes.