Shock Absorber

Shock Absorber combines what many women wish during sports. High-tech materials, ergonomic fit, best support. There are three different levels of support available. Moreover, a trendy, feminine look turns this sports bra into the ideal choice for almost every sports activity.

Movement is the key to a healthy body. However, in some areas of the body too much movement can lead to the opposite, to pain and a strained and overstretched tissue. To counter these negative impacts and to offer women a sports bra that meets modern, ergonomic standards, the Shock Absorber was developed in 1994. It was developed by a team of doctors, active female athletes and specialists from the textile sector, supported by the university of Edinburgh. The main task of the Shock Absorber is already suggested by its name. It is proven that sports bras by Shock Absorber reduce the chest movement by up to 78%. In the following years, Shock Absorber carried out further clinical tests and used, among other things, the first 3D chest movement sensor, in order to respond even better to the requirements of different types of sports.

Shock Absorber bras come with a soft and elastic underband, which guarantees particularly high wearing comfort. Large attention was of course also paid to the cups themselves, their multi-piece construction with seamless inserts provides pleasant wearing comfort as well. Wide, padded and adjustable straps, as well as a gel-padded back closure assure a perfect fit all around.

The range of Shock Absorber includes diverse stress and cushioning levels. The wide offer of colours and styles, as well as a size selection from A to G make sure that almost all women find their ideal sports companion. The breathable bras by Shock Absorber also stand out for their look with a large selection of modern colours and are offered in a classic shape or as V-neck.