Four different body warmer types in top quality, tested by winter athletes

The ONLY HOT brand is headed by the Abanico GmbH since April 2014. The brand is based in Olpe, Sauerland and supplies successful winter sport teams and national teams, who have appreciated the pleasant effect of the ONLY HOT warmers for many years already. The experience of the pros contributes to the further development of the products.
Pleasant warmth thanks to oxidation
The ONLY HOT single-use warmers were developed with the Japanese technology leader mycoal and provide pleasant warmth to body areas which are sensitive to cold. All warmers contain natural substances and can be used and disposed of without worries. The warming effect starts as soon as the airtight package is torn open and the iron powder contained in the warmer is exposed to the oxygen in the air. The iron powder begins to oxidize and produces heat.  

Quality products with professional experience
In cooperation with mycoal, ONLY HOT particularly focuses on high quality standards in production, research and development. Thanks to the longstanding experience with professional athletes from winter sports, the brand offers top products with excellent quality and declares war on cold fingers, feet and other body areas.