Mounty Special

For a comfortable ride


With Mounty Special cycling accessories, you can tune up your bicycle brakes to suit your needs. The component manufacturer offers different brake pads, brake blocks and brake shoes that are intensively tested before they are sold. Mounty Special suspension seatposts with individual adjustment options for maximum comfort ensure a comfortable ride and allow you to individually adjust your riding position. So, Mounty Special products make sure riders can benefit from a short braking distance and a perfectly adjustable seat post. Apart from brake accessories and seatposts, the company also offers loud bicycle bells. All products are of high quality.

Mounty Special bicycle bells – Bike bells to attract other road users’ attention  
Cyclists need the right products to be heard and seen by other road users in road traffic. That is why Mounty Special also offers a huge range of different bicycle bells. The sound of the bells is loud and can still be heard from a far distance. Mounty Special bike bells can be easily installed on all kinds of handlebars and offer one advantage: They are small and do not require much space on your bar.

Mounty Special – Cycling products adapted to the needs of riders   
In cycling, properly working brakes are essential to brake well in any situation. Of course, a bike also needs a bell to ensure safety. The company Mounty Special knows the requirements of cyclists very well and has thus adapted the range to suit those needs. They offer a huge range of bicycle bells as well as technical parts that help improve the braking performance of your bike. The product range includes brake pads, brake shoes, as well as lightweight MTB saddle clamp bolts with aluminium heads and seatposts for individual adjustment of the riding position.