The smart lock for your bike

Your bike gets smart – and with it the frame lock. LINKA started as a Kickstarter project in Oakland, California, in 2015. Within a very short time, the crowdfunding aim was not only achieved, but exceeded. More than 800 supporters were impressed by the idea of a bicycle lock that can be controlled via the smartphone.  

No more keys!   
LINKA bike locks aim at offering especially high theft protection for your bike. The frame mount locks are designed to offer cyclists more security. Simply press the button on the lock or on your smartphone to close the reinforced 9 mm steel shackle. When approaching your bike, the lock opens as if by magic. If you do not have your phone with you, you can simply enter your customized 4-digit phoneless access code on the lock. In this way, you do no longer need any keys.
No chance for thieves! 
The frame lock has an integrated triple-axis accelerometer that recognizes when your bike is carried away or when a thief tries to steal it. A built-in 100dB siren – comparable to the loudness of a truck passing – puts every thief to flight. In addition, the accelerometer can also trigger a notification to your smartphone letting you know your bike is in danger.

Smart bike protection  
Lock and smartphone are in regular contact. You can read the current battery charge from your smartphone and see where you have parked your bike and in which areas you should not park it. So, it’s no wonder that LINKA bike locks are so popular. The modern smart lock has already been delivery to 45 countries and is designed to offer you and your bike increased security.