high-quality sports nutrition for athletes who give everything

Since 1977 already, the Swiss manufacturer of sports nutrition products supports professional and hobby athletes with reaching their individual targets. Until the 1970s, most athletes were not aware of the fact that there is a direct link between optimum nutrition and physical peak performance. Especially cyclists have a considerable requirement, easily reaching 3000 to 5000 kcal per day on racing days. Only with a perfectly adapted nutrition, the body can react fast and is best prepared for the next strain. isostar recognized these needs early and since then, helps athletes with different nutrition products to compensate for the liquid lost during sports and to provide the body with important minerals. Today, isostar covers the complete range of nutrition products for athletes, including specific products for before, specific products for during and after training; ranging from protein-rich shakes and bars for muscle build-up, to isotonic electrolyte drinks for endurance athletes. For developing new products, Isostar has always worked together with a varied team of experts. Nutrition advisers, sports trainers, as well as athletes on diverse sports levels play an active role in development and improvement. What’s more, isostar stands up for an anti-doping policy and guarantees a strict non-use of forbidden substances and drugs. For a quality check, the products by Isostar are examined regularly and analysed by independent and approved laboratories.

This Clean Engagement expresses social and ecological responsibility, which is to emphasize the true values of competitive sports.