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Hygienically clean, water- and dirt-repellent cycling clothes

1992 – The chemist and ski jumper Dr. Max Frisch founds his own company to produce the first industrially produced ski wax in Ditzingen, Germany. He soon starts to expand his product range. Today, HOLMENKOL not only offers shoe wax, candle wax and floor wax, but also a huge selection of cleansing agents and care products for cycling gear. The company is especially known for its textile and shoe impregnation solutions far beyond the German borders.

HOLMENKOL – Lotus effect repels water and dirt
The waterproofing agents by HOLMENKOL use the lotus effect. Thanks to the rough structure of a lotus leaf, the plant does not allow water drops to stick on it. Instead, water simply runs off. HOLMENKOL waterproofing agents use the same technology to make textiles water- and dirt-repellent and to effectively protect from rain.

HOLMENKOL – Hygienically clean
Sweat leaves bacteria on your sport textiles that lead to the formation of odours. Those bacteria can usually only be removed when washing the textiles at high temperatures. The laundry detergents by HOLMENKOL even washes your sportswear hygienically clean at low temperatures and in hand wash. Ranging from waterproofing agents via hygiene sprays through to special detergents for sports shirts or similar, HOLMENKOL offers the perfect products to care for your sportswear.