HideMyBell – a clean solution

Many riders think that a bicycle bell is an annoying component, because it disturbs the bike’s look as well as its aerodynamics and it is hard to mount due to a lack of space. For this reason, the HideMyBell founder often rode with a bell hidden underneath his bike computer. However, this was not enough for him and so he looked for a cleaner solution that could integrate bell and bike computer into the cockpit in a beautiful way. This is when the idea of HideMyBell products was born.

Style meets safety

HideMyBell products are handlebar mount for your GPS device or bike computer and bell in one. An additional mount allows you to attach a light or an action camera below the bell. The aim of the products: they are supposed to look good, the bell should be loud and good to hear as well as easily accessible. The design is intentionally minimalist, featherlight and multi-compatible – for maximum integration and high safety in road traffic.

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