Cleansing agents, detergents and waterproofing agents for your cycling clothes


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Nordwalde, Germany, 1906 – the history takes its course. The company Schweizer Effax is founded and produces shoe and leather care products. Today, the range includes many different products for textile care. HEY SPORT is a subsidiary that has specialized in care products for breathable and comfortable sportswear.

HEY SPORT – Cleaning and care for high-tech clothes
Simple detergents may damage the high-tech functionalities of modern sportswear. Fibres can lose their breathability; the fabric is no longer wind- and waterproof. To help textile fibres retain their functionality, HEY SPORT offers an extensive range of different care products, detergents and waterproofing agents. In this way, you can clean your textiles and leather products in a clever way. You will also find the right cleansing agent and care product for merino wool, down and helmet pads.
HEY SPORT – High quality and environmental compatibility
Regarding waterproofing agents for the washing machine, HEY SPORT focuses on coating the single fibres. Common products seal the entire surface of the textiles so that the clothes’ breathability may be restricted, too. A coating of the single fibres on the contrary, makes every fibre water-repellent while retaining the fabric’s breathability. Besides, HEY SPORT products are environmentally friendly, as they are biodegradable, do not contain propellants and environmentally substances, have a high skin compatibility and require less washing processes thanks to lasting efficacy.