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COMPRESSPORT is a Swiss company which has produced sports compression products for sport-related applications since 2008. The products are 100% made in Europe. The company has paid a lot of attention into making sure that the compression socks, compression supports, compressions arm supports, triathlon shirts, triathlon shorts and many other articles are produced in close cooperation with doctors, athletes and manufacturers with a medical background. This is how the company wants to guarantee its customers permanent security and trust in the company's own brand.

Sportswear with compression characteristics 
The aim of COMPRESSPORT is to offer as many different products in the field of compression as possible and, time and again, surprise athletes and sports enthusiasts with new technologies and trends. This is why, in addition to the calf sleeves which were developed at the start, new products are added to the COMPRESSPORT range, e.g. the Armforce arm sleeves, the Performance Line chipband and Pro Racing low cut socks. 

Effective support before, during and after training
COMPRESSPORT has developed compression products which are effective before, during and after training/competition. For example, the COMPRESSPORT Full 3 D DOT compression socks ensure performance enhancing pressure during training. They form a good connection between shoe and foot, prevent slipping in the shoe and, through their compression effect, enrich the oxygen content of the blood. With this sock, COMPRESSPORT increases natural anatomical pressure on the lower leg muscles. At the same time, metabolic products are transported away and performance is increased overall.

COMPRESSPORT brings the well-being of the athlete to the fore – both in training as well as in everyday life: Through the use of the products, sportsmen/sportswomen should be in the position to train for longer and more intensively and keep the muscles regenerated on a permanent basis.