Connected Biking for everyone

Smart, easy-to-use biking systems and accessories
Despite an increasingly digital world with all its possibilities, cycling is still mainly analogue and thus reaches the limits of today’s digital lifestyle. COBI was founded with the conviction that all cyclists should have their bike equipped with digital technology to connect their bikes to the digital world.

The vision: Smart biking systems for sports and everyday use
Cyclists should use their bike more effectively, plan and carry out their rides in a smarter way, keep their performance data and fitness values in view, reach friends and listen to their favourite music. Besides, COBI places great importance on ensuring that smart cycling is safe and that the hands can stay on the handlebar and the eyes on the road. The COBI system can be used intuitively, is controlled via the smartphone and compatible with almost every bike.

From Kickstarter to the top of the class
After having successfully completed one of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns in the history of bike accessories in 2014 and experienced a strong support by renowned investors, COBI has been continuously working on the realization of their vision. Designed and developed by COBI GmbH in Germany, the focus is rather on the user than on technology. COBI sees itself less as a bicycle company, but rather as a technology company within the bike sector.

Design meets quality
The team is working on creating and evolving the best possible experience for the user. In doing so, they also focus on a great design. For the development of their software and hardware products, COBI uses state-of-the-art technologies. The company aims at offering a beautiful, technically outstanding product providing outstanding software services at an affordable price.