CicloSport – bike computers as training companion with sports electronics
Cycling sports electronics CicloSport

For more than 30 years, the Ciclosport company has made it possible to successfully keep track of ridden distances and speeds reached in cycling. Cyclists, who would like to inform themselves about their performance during training, will find a verifiable training companion in CicloSport’s sports electronics products. The development of bike computers today includes extensive information sources from various areas: measurement of bike functions (speed, total kilometres, total riding time and speed comparison) or additional features (time and optional pedalling cadence functions, as well as heart rate monitors and calories burned) offer cyclists useful information that provide an effective training overview.

Road cycling CicloSport – electronic bike computers and extensive accessories
The manufacturer of micro computers CicloSport offers outdoor athletes, for example bikers, a technology that adapts to the developments in road cycling. The CicloSport company’s product range includes digital, wireless and encodable multifunctional computers with PC analysis that leave nothing to be desired. A multifunctionality which offers cyclists extensive results of personal training goals in all areas of cycling.

Bike computers CicloSport – a heart for cyclists
The CicloSport company offers performance-oriented cycling athletes, as well as occasional riders, a multitude of different bike computer models. This allows every cyclist to gain a perfect overview of their personal limits or targets, adapted to their own requirements. The bike computer manufacturer CicloSport offers wired, as well as digital wireless bike computers and digital wireless multifunctional computers with PC analysis. Extensive accessories such as a handlebar mount set, bike transmitters, heart rate transmitters, pedalling cadence transmitters and a lot more complement the product range and provide a perfect equipment.