High-performance bike lighting systems for every bike

Blackburn was founded in 1975 by bike enthusiast Jim Blackburn. He recognised that suitable bike accessories could significantly increase comfort and riding safety. Since then Blackburn has developed bike products, which convince with their attractive design and special quality.

Bike lighting that meets the most important standards
Blackburn lighting was developed to meet the most important standards for bike lighting systems and to fulfil customers‘ wishes. All products of this category come up to the demands of road traffic regulations, they have got a so-called K-number, which means that the products come up to technical demands and are approved for road traffic.

It doesn’t matter whether you are on your way to work or on a long tour: Blackburn lights provide you with sufficient, consistent and reliable light. Blackburn offers diverse headlights, tail lights and lighting systems to make sure you will always be seen early enough in road traffic.