AMFORMULA sports nutrition
losing weight and keeping fit

The formula for efficient weight reduction: AMFORMULA
The AMFORMULA concept was developed by the former professional swimmer Mark Warnecke in 2004 to lose weight fast and effectively. His aim was to lose weight without feeling bad or lacking energy. That’s why he developed a concept that helps you to lose weight with high-quality, special amino acids. His concept worked out and has impressed more and more people who rely on medically coordinated products for weight reduction, which is why AMFORMULA preparations have already been successful on the market since 2007.

AMFORMULA products developed based on nutritional medicine
With the specially developed AMFORMULA products and a bit of staying power, you can achieve a long-term weight loss. AMFORMULA is based on nutritional medicine and available in different flavours. AMFORMULA SHAPE and AMFORMULA DIET are independent concepts that can also be combined with each other. AMFORMULA DIET was especially developed for weight reduction. The diet shakes are offered in different flavours and replace a whole meal. AMFORMULA SHAPE was especially developed for the time after a diet, but also supplies the body with additional nutrients during a diet. The products are thus especially developed for successful long-term weight loss.