Seat posts, stems, road bars

The interaction of single bike components
The supplier of high-tech bike accessories offers a range of cycling products: handlebars, road bars, seat posts, stems and forks. It is the interaction of single bike components, which in the end leads to a pleasant and successful result, thanks to the balanced coordination of components. 3T is a supplier of high-quality bicycle parts, which are used in international races worldwide. 3T high-tech bike accessories are the result of a very high quality demand of a company, which is realized again and again by a team of technology experts. Professionalism in all steps of the 3T bike parts development is the basis of their high-quality products, which need to securely withstand maximum stress in split seconds on a bike.

High-tech bike accessories by 3T, the basis for your sports
3T handlebars are just one example of the good cooperation between the team of riders and the product developers in the company. These accessories to steer a bike are particularly lightweight and highly durable, thanks to the carbon material they are made of. This is to ensure high shock absorption on challenging mountain bike tracks. The tube length can be shortened to racing width, whilst guaranteeing the same performance quality. High-tech bike accessories like 3T handlebars are specially designed for the demands of rough off-road use with their material, bend, weight, width and handlebar clamping. Even with a shortened tube length, remote control, front light or computer can still be attached easily. Durability and sturdiness are the basis for the long service life of these technical components.

Bike accessories by 3T – technical components for cyclists
The 3T seat post is another bike accessory, which was developed with high technical demands. The shaft is made from carbon; the seat post is at the same time lightweight, as well as compliant, and prevents the full impact of road shocks. The seat post guarantees thus shock absorption on extreme rides. The clamp shell is yet another high-tech accessory. It is also made from carbon. The inclination of a saddle from this manufacturer can be exactly determined by means of titanium screws. The forks from this supplier of high-tech bike accessories come up to high quality demands as well and feature a low weight, too. 3T offers technical components for cyclists who are looking for high-performance and high-tech products.