Get rid of mud and dirt!
How to clean your bike step by step

Those who love their bike love to clean it

It’s autumn. You are shredding gravel, field and forest paths on your gravel bike. Back home, you can’t wait to take a hot shower – and your bike could do with a shower, too. Dust, sand and mud are the biggest enemies of bicycle components – thus, it is all the more important to regularly wash off any dirt and give your bike the care it needs. It doesn’t take much.

The tutorial shows you how to clean your bike from mud, dust and dirt and sustainably care for it. Thus, you can enjoy riding your bike for a very long time!

To help you take perfect care of your bike, we have listed all product highlights for bicycle cleaning and care below. Here you’ll find our product recommendations to properly clean and care for your bike during the gravel season.

Atlantic Matt-Care

The Matt-Care by Atlantic provides cleanliness and care on matt painted metal surfaces. It preserves the original matt effect and protects it reliably...

RRP 7,90 € 5,95  Precio básico: 3,97 € / 100ml

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Atlantic Radglanz bike shine spray

The name says it all. Its aromatic smell is distinctive and it has proven itself for many years. With the Radglanz spray, you can easily clean and ma...

RRP 5,50 € desde3,95  Precio básico: 1,98 € / 100ml

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aqua2go Pro pressure washer

The aqua2go pro can be used anywhere, there's no power connection required to clean your bike. It impresses with a 20 litre water reservoir for appro...

Color: grün

RRP 219,95 € 159,95 

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Ballistol Universal Oil spray

The all-rounder for bicycles. Ballistol lubricates, penetrates, preserves, disinfects and protects against corrosion. It does not resinify, dissolves...

RRP 3,74 € desde2,95  Precio básico: 5,90 € / 100ml

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Brunox Turbo-Clean brake cleaner

With the Brunox Turbo-Clean cleaner for braking systems you can degrease, clean and take care of dirty bicycle components. It can be used for chain,...

RRP 14,85 € 7,95  Precio básico: 15,90 € / l

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Brunox Deo suspension fork oil

Increases a suspension fork’s functionality when used regularly. Apply a little Brunox Deo before and after every ride to the sealing rings between up...

RRP 8,10 € 4,90 

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Dynamic silicone spray

The Dynamic silicone spray has very good penetrating qualities which makes it perfectly suitable for the preservation of different bike parts. Thanks...

RRP 7,90 € 5,95  Precio básico: 14,88 € / l

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Dynamic assembly paste

The Dynamic assembly paste represents and indispensable help when mounting high-quality carbon and aluminium components on your bike. You can use it f...

RRP 1,80 € desde0,95  Precio básico: 19,00 € / 100g

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F100 chain oil - new formula -

The thoroughly tested F100 chain oil with a new formula and PTFE promises smoothly running moving bicycle parts. Ideal for lubrication and maintenance...

RRP 8,99 € desde5,95  Precio básico: 11,90 € / 100ml

Finish Line Tubeless tyre sealant

The latex-free Tubeless tyre sealant by Finish Line promises protection from punctures of up to 6 millimetres. As the non-toxic sealant does not rely...

RRP 9,99 € desde6,95  Precio básico: 5,79 € / 100ml

Hanseline MTB chain oil with added graphite

The Hanseline MTB chain oil with added graphite won’t let you down when putting your bike under strong stress. Even when high strains and moist weathe...

RRP 5,50 € 3,95  Precio básico: 3,16 € / 100ml

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Motorex Carbon Paste assembly paste

The Motorex Carbon Paste prevents damages on sensitive carbon bike parts caused by overtightening. Friction between the contact surfaces is increased...

en vez de 17,18 € 15,95 

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Muc-Off Bike Cleaner

By means of nanotechnology, the Bike Cleaner penetrates smallest gaps. It dissolves effectively dirt, grease, oil and even dried stains on frame and a...

RRP 14,99 € desde8,95 

ROSE Caretec XL cleaning kit

The problem is all too common: Whether it's bad roads or bad weather – after a tour, the bike looks shabby. The ROSE Caretec XL cleaning kit offers ev...

Color: schwarz


SKS Germany Lube Your Chain chain lubricant with applicator

100% oil on the chain, where it belongs. Thanks to the neat-to-use applicator, the SKS Lube Your Chain can be dosed and exactly applied to rollers and...

RRP 12,99 € 9,95  Precio básico: 13,27 € / 100ml

Tunap Sports suspension fork cleaner

Allows for a smooth performance of highly stressed suspension forks. The Tunap Sports suspension fork cleaner protects the damping and suspension elem...

RRP 9,95 € 7,90  Precio básico: 6,32 € / 100ml

¡Mejor valorado!

Tunap Sports e-bike cleaner

Carefree cleaning. With the Tunap Sports e-bike cleaner you can thoroughly clean your e-bike without having to worry about its sensitive electronics....

RRP 16,95 € 15,95 

Tunap Sports bearing grease

For a smooth running. The Tunap Sports bearing grease is used where moisture, dirt or dust have to stay outside. Thanks to a practical applicator on t...

RRP 12,95 € 9,95