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ROSE One10 jersey

100 years of ROSE! On the occasion of our company's anniversary, we present our One10 jersey – in limited edition. The high-quality cycling jersey wi...

Color: red/blue

RRP 79,95 € 49,95 

ROSE TOP FLUO short sleeve jersey

The tight fitting TOP FLUO cycling jersey by ROSE offers a pleasant body climate thanks to a breathable, fast-drying material as well as mesh panels u...

ROSE TOP FLUO women's jersey

Thanks to additional mesh panels under the arms and on the sides, the ROSE TOP FLUO women's jersey offers good ventilation. A three-part back pocket w...


ROSE GAMBLING PRO women's jersey

With the ROSE GAMBLING PRO women's cycling jersey, you will hold all the aces. Our employees have come up with something special - designed by women f...

RRP 69,95 € 39,95 

¡Mejor valorado!

ROSE CHASE "Catch me if you can" women's jersey

Catch me if you can - the ROSE CHASE women's jersey by ROSE is not only a true eye-catcher on the road. Ride at full speed, outpace your opponents and...

RRP 79,95 € 59,95 

¡Mejor valorado!
¡Stock bajo!


The sytlish ALÉ GRAPHICS PRR STAR JERSEY is elastic, light and breathable and comes in a race fit. The materials used dry fast and ensures a fast mois...

Color: black/white

RRP 109,95 € 76,00 


¡Mejor valorado!

Dextro Energy iso drink powder

The iso drink by Dextro Energy Sports Nutrition is an isotonic carbohydrate-electrolyte drink. The fruity and tangy drink is available in the flavours...

Variante: Orange Fresh

RRP 6,99 € 5,51  Precio básico: 12,52 € / kg

Dextro Energy drink powder Recovery Drink

The Recovery Drink is a carbohydrate-protein drink that is particularly suited for the consumption after endurance training. It has a carbohydrate : p...

Variante: tropical

desde1,22  Precio básico: 2,77 € / 100g

ultraSPORTS ultraPro Bar 50% protein bar

For those who train hard for marathons, cycle races or triathlons, the ultraPro protein bar by ultraSPORTS offers the daily extra portion of protein t...

Variante: lemon-coconut

en vez de 2,49 € 2,45  Precio básico: 4,90 € / 100g

¡Mejor valorado!

AMFORMULA Vital & Diet meal replacement

The AMFORMULA Vital & Diet meal replacement offers the perfect basis for weight control. A huge choice of sweet and savoury flavours offers variety fo...

Disponible en varias versiones
en vez de 22,90 € desde19,27  Precio básico: 39,33 € / kg

AMSport AmSport Hydration Elektrolytes effervescent tablets

During intensive sport activities where you sweat a lot, you lose important electrolytes your body needs for liquid regulation. The AMSPORT Fast Hydra...

Disponible en varias versiones
6,06  Precio básico: 6,73 € / 100g

Vitargo Gel

Vitargo gel supplies your body with carbohydrates during training and competition. The gel contains amylopectin barley starch, a carbohydrate with lon...

Disponible en varias versiones
RRP 1,70 € 1,40  Precio básico: 3,11 € / 100g