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Edge® 1030 Plus GPS Bike Computer Bundle

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Edge® 1030 Plus GPS Bike Computer Bundle

Código de producto: 230340401

529,95 RRP 699,99 €

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Plazo 5-10 días

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The Edge® 1030 Plus is the undisputed top dog among GARMIN’s bike computers and with the updated Plus version it brings even more improvements compared to the previous model. Anyone looking for a full-featured bicycle navigation system that simultaneously measures performance, analyses training, and offers connectivity features on a professional level is guaranteed to find it here. In the bundle with heart rate, cadence, and speed sensors everything is already included that you might need for effective training with expanded analytics.

Plan tours with ease on the high-definition 3.5” touch display and let yourself be guided by the most popular bike tours in the GARMIN community. Create training plans directly on the device or search for athletic challenges with STRAVA Live segments. Monitor your successes and profit from a comprehensive performance analysis, such as Cycling Dynamics or MTB Dynamics. Equipped with a GPS receiver, altimeter and motion sensor and connectible with extra sensors, the small Edge® 1030 Plus is capable of showing all key performance data, analysing and organising it well into a maximum of 10 data fields. When also paired with a smartphone, the Edge offers many more functions such as providing current weather predictions, displaying text messages or transmitting your real-time position. GARMIN has even though of safety features, such as route warnings about sharp curves or automatic emergency notifications.

The Edge® 1030 Plus version offers even more: Its processor has been optimised so that the routes are calculated twice as fast as with the previous model. The battery performance has been improved to reach up to 24 hours in GPS mode and the internal memory increased to 32 GB. In addition to bike maps for Europe, now also Africa and North America are covered and pre-installed, together with the global TrailForks MTB data bank. Plus the route recalculation has been improved, Livetracks can now be activated directly from the device, and profile settings as well as sensor pairing can be directly transferred from existing Edge devices. And since the Edge® 1030 Plus even makes training program or workout suggestions and offers intelligent design options, you don’t have any excuses left anymore.


Plan tours free of charge on the GARMIN Connect™ web platform, with the GARMIN Connect™ mobile app or directly on the Edge® 1030 Plus. Trendline™ Popularity Routing will search automatically for the most popular bike routes, based on the riding behaviour of millions of GARMIN community members. Or surprise yourself and let the Roundtrip Routing Function suggest 3 routes that fit to your basic information.

• Real cycling navigation thanks to installed GARMIN bike maps based on OSM for Europe, Africa, and North America (varied coverage depending on country, further regions available to download for an extra charge)
• Millions of kilometres of routable streets and paths, points of interest and saved addresses for countless countries
• Pre-installed TrailForks MTB data bank: Discover the most exciting mountain bike trails globally with the best difficulty level for you
• Route Planner: Plan and create routes directly on the device
• Trendline™ Popularity Routing: Creates routes based on the most popular tracks from Garmin Connect™
• Active Routing: Route proposal according to selected activity (e.g. bike/road bike, mountain bike, touring bike, hiking etc.)
• Roundtrip Routing: Calculates 3 route recommendations based on the distance, direction and starting point given (taking into account Trendline™ Popularity Routing)
• Track navigation: Allows you to follow imported or previously ridden routes
• Back to Start: Shows you the way back to your starting point
• Route synchronisation with third-party providers Gain access to your saved routes on platforms like STRAVA or KOMOOT and use them to navigate
• Import of gpx / tcx / fit files to GARMIN Connect™
• Audible and visual alerts for route navigation
• Improved new-route-calculation when leaving the planned route

Training Features

• Segments: Add some competition to your tour and measure yourself up against other cyclists on pre-determined sections (also compatible with STRAVA Live segments)
• Workout and training plan compatibility: Create workouts and training plans in GARMIN Connect™, on TrainingPeaks® or TrainerRoad and synchronise these directly with your device
• Training plan recommendations: Individual workout recommendations based on your level of training and VO2max can be displayed directly on your Edge® 1030 Plus
• ClimbPro: Creates detailed information about the elevation profile and level of intensity for the planned route and shows the respective gradient
• Indoor trainer compatibility: Connect with ANT+/FE-C-capable indoor trainers, keep track of your performance values and simulate saved course profiles
• MTB Dynamics: Jump metrics analyse the number of jumps, their length, hang-time, and speed; Grit determines the level of difficulty for ride; Flow measures the evenness of your riding style
• Virtual Partner® und Virtual Racer™: Compares your performance with completed training sessions or with a pre-set average speed
• Alarm function: lets you know when you reach a pre-determined time or stretch
• Calories burnt: Keep an eye on how much energy you burn through your training
• Comprehensive performance analysis: Control your fitness level, training exposure, and workout focus of the last 4 weeks, altitude and temperature acclimatisation, as well as intake of fluids and nutrition, in combination with the ANT+ heart rate and power meter
• Pre-installed Training Peaks Connect IQ App: Receive workouts from your coach directly onto your Edge® 1030 Plus
• VO2max calculation and recovery assistant (optional with heart rate chest strap and power meter)
• Personal records: Saves your fastest time over a typical race distance, the longest ridden stretch, the largest incline, and the highest performance (power meter required)
• Customisable data display (manage your data according to your needs), up to 10 data fields total
• Auto Pause® (pauses training timer automatically when you stop moving)
• Auto-Scroll (automatically switches between defined data screens)
• Auto Lap® (automatically stores number of laps and lap time)

Smart Features (with any existing Bluetooth connection to compatible smartphones with internet access)

• GroupTrack: Never lose sight of your group - with the position determination you can also see exactly where your training partner is right now
• LiveTrack: Start LiveTrack directly from your device and share your real-time position and planned route with friends and family
• Weather information: Follow weather predictions directly on your Edge® 1030 Plus and get home before the weather shifts
• Smart Notifications: Receive text messages and alarms directly from your smartphone
• Connect IQ™ compatibility: Individualise your Edge® 1030 Plus through downloads from apps, display designs, widgets, and data sets from your GARMIN Connect IQ™ Store
• Cyclist-to-cyclist messages: Send short, standard messages to the Edge® devices of your training partners, such as “Need mechanical help” / “Go on ahead” / “Running late” etc.
• Short answers: React to incoming messages or calls on your smartphone with short, standard messages (only Android™)
• Automatic data upload: Record tours and performance data and upload them directly to GARMIN Connect™ through the paired smartphone
• Physio TrueUp compatibility: Synchronise physiological data such as VO2max, rest times, or training status automatically with other compatible GARMIN devices
• Automatic accident alert: Registers movement consistent with accidents (impact and then standstill) and after the countdown sends a message with your location to your emergency contacts
• Manual SOS feature: After an accident you can manually send your location with the SOS feature
• Route warnings: Notifies you on the display of sharp curves ahead while riding.
• Bike Alarm: send out an alert when your bicycle is moved while you are away
• Find my Edge: Locate your device in case it goes missing in an accident
• Energy-saving mode to length your battery performance
• Compatible with GARMIN Varia™ security products: Connect your Edge® 1030 Plus with Varia™ headlights or allow the Varia™ Radar to warn you of oncoming vehicles
• Compatible with Virb Action Cam: steer your camera directly from the Edge® 1030 Plus
• Data migration: simple transfer of profile settings and sensor connections from existing Edge devices
• Settings over GARMIN Connect™: Easily transfer device settings over GARMIN Connect™ to your Edge® 1030 Plus
• InReach® compatible: Pair your Edge® 1030 Plus with an inReach® device and receive weather data, share your position or set up an accident notification even without connectivity by using satellite communication through the Iridium® network (extra charge)
• Electronic shifting system: Pair your Edge® 1030 Plus with an electronic shifting system from SHIMANO or SRAM and have information about your battery level or gear shift data shown directly on the device

Details GARMIN Edge® 1030 Plus:

• 3.5“ (8.9 cm) high-definition colour touchscreen with more capacity (282 x 470 px, can be operated even in wet weather and with gloves)
• Satellite receiver (GPS/GLONASS/Galileo)
• Barometric altimeter provides exact information about incline, elevation gain, gradient, vertical speed
• Movement sensor measures vibrations and delivers data for automatic accident alerts or MTB dynamics, for example
• Magnetometer to determine the cardinal direction
• Temperature display for current outdoor temperature
• Ambient light sensor adjusts the screen brightness automatically
• Bluetooth Smart (BLE) for fast and energy-efficient data synchronisation with GARMIN Connection as well as notifications from your smartphone
• WIFI connectable for fast synchronisation and firmware updates on home network
• Compatible with ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart (BLE) sensors (such as cadence, heart rate, speed, indoor-trainer, see bundle under product code 2303404) – in combination with max. 6 ANT+ sensors and 3 BLE sensors + phone
• Compatible with electronic SHIMANO Di2 and SRAM eTap groupsets (for SHIMANO Di2 groups, you need an additional SHIMANO ANT+ sensor SM-EW-WU111 for integration into the E-Tube system, product code 2238564)
• Compatible with Edge®- und Varia™ remote controls
• Smartphone compatibility: iPhone®, Android™
• 32 GB internal memory
• Waypoints: up to 200 positions
• Routes: up to 100 stretches
• Rounds record: up to 200 hours
• Battery: Li-Ion (approx. 1900 mAH)
• Battery life depends on mode: up to 24 hours with simple GPS use (additional 20 hours possible with GARMIN Charge Power Pack, available under product code 2265666)
• The included Aero-combo handlebar mount (also available under product code 2265667) puts the Edge 1030 in an especially aerodynamic position on the bars. You can also mount the GARMIN Charge Power Pack or the Varia lighting set underneath the device.
• Waterproof in accordance with IPX 7
• Display languages: CZE, DE, DK, ENG, ESP, FIN, FRA, GRE, HUN, ITA, CRO, NL, NOR, POL, POR (Brazil.), RUS, SWE, SLK, SLO
• Dimensions: approx. 5.8 x 11.4 x 1.9 cm
• Weight: approx. 124 g (only device)

Details GARMIN HRM Dual™ heart rate sensor:
• Protocol: ANT+® Standard (2.4 GHz) and BLUETOOTH® 5.0 (BLE)
• Range: approx. 3m
• Operating temperature: -5 °C to 50 °C
• Battery life: approx. 3.5 years (with an average use of 1 hour per day)
• Battery: CR2032 (replaceable)
• Water resistance: 1 ATM (no heart rate measurement in water!)
• Dimensions sensor: approx. 62 x 34 x 11 mm
• Dimensions strap: approx. 63.5 to 132 cm (adjustable)
• Weight: approx. 54.4 g

Details GARMIN cadence sensor generation 2:
• External speed sensor can be connected to bike computer or smartphone
• Determines the exact cadence values (pedal revolution per minute)
• Ideal for cadence-based training
• Calibrates itself
• Signal provided by accelerometer (no magnet required)
• Mounted on the left crank arm
• Compatible with Garmin Connect™
• Interfaces: ANT+ and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
• Battery: CR2032 round cell battery (pre-installed, replaceable)
• Incl. 3 mounting bands with different diameters

Details GARMIN speed sensor generation 2:
• External speed sensor can be connected to bike computer or smartphone
• Measures speed, route length, and ride time
• Exact values even in difficult GPS conditions
• May be used as a stand-alone device (no pairing with GPS device required, time/distance tracking)
• Signal provided by accelerometer (no magnet required)
• Mounted on wheel hub
• Compatible with Garmin Connect™
• Interfaces: ANT+ and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
• Battery: CR2032 round cell battery (pre-installed, replaceable)
• Battery life: approx. 1 year at an average use of 1 hour/day
• Internal memory: up to 300 hours of activity data
• Incl. mounting case

Further optional accessories:
• GARMIN Vector 3 pedal-based power meters (product code 2263927)
• GARMIN Edge® remote control (product code 2098179)

In the box:
• 1 GARMIN Edge® 1030 Plus bike computer incl. maps for Europe, Africa, North America (separately available under product code 2303403)
• 1 Garmin HRM Dual™ heart rate sensor incl. premium cloth chest strap and CR 2032 button cell (separately available under product code 2286881)
• 1 GARMIN cadence sensor generation 2, incl. mounting bands (separately available under product code 2292703)
• 1 GARMIN speed sensor generation 2, incl. mounting case (separately available under product code 2292480)
• 1 GARMIN Aero-combination handlebar mount
• 1 GARMIN standard mount
• 1 mounting strap
• 1 USB cable

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Heart rate:
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Edge® 1030 Plus GPS Bike Computer Bundle


Edge® 1030 Plus GPS Bike Computer Bundle

Gutes System mit einigen Mängeln bei der Navigation.
Eine vollautomatische Streckenführung mit dem Navi ist nicht unbedingt zu empfehlen, da die Auswahlkriterien der Straßenwahl völlig unklar und z.T. unsinnig sind. Empfehlenswert ist unbedingt die Routenplanung am PC und Übermittlung an das Navi (was sehr gut funktioniert). Die Routenplanung am PC ist manchmal zwar auch etwas fummelig, da das System manche naheliegende Abkürzungen nur widerwilllig akzeptiert.
Sehr hilfreich ist die Funktion "Round-Trip-Routing": Startrichtung und Länge eingeben und schon gibt's eine nette Rundtour.
Verbindung mit den Sensoren geht unproblematisch. Für die Einrichtung des Geräts ist die Nutzung eines Lernvideos (youtube) empfehlenswert.

Edge® 1030 Plus GPS Bike Computer Bundle

En panne le deuxième jour
Renvoyer depuis une semaine et aucune nouvelle
Pas cool du tout

Edge® 1030 Plus GPS Bike Computer Bundle

Schnelle Lieferung, fairer Prais

Edge® 1030 Plus GPS Bike Computer Bundle

Der Radcomputer hält, was er verspricht. Einzig die Sensoren für Speed und Tretkadenz die ohne sep. Magnet auskommen, sind etwas träge in der Reaktion und ergeben selbst bei absolut gleichmäßiger Geschwindigkeit unruhige Werte mit +/- 3% Abweichung. Beim Polar war das viel besser, dafür war die Montage von Magneten nötig.
Die Webdarstellung der Herzfrequenz fällt gegenüber Polar ab. Dort kann man auch die Werte eines selbst gewählten Segments genauer analysieren.
Der Edge ist aber bei der Navigation spitze und dafür war mir die Auslage wert. Ein Smartphone auf dem Rennrad bringt's nicht, bei den 2 kg Akku die man für eine Tagestour braucht ;-)

Edge® 1030 Plus GPS Bike Computer Bundle

L'appli LiveTrack ne fonctione pas. Garmin est incapable de résoudre le problème.

Edge® 1030 Plus GPS Bike Computer Bundle

Bravo Rose Bike! Expédition rapide et le produit est top, je n'ai pas encore essayé toutes les.options mais c'est vraiment un produit complet!

Edge® 1030 Plus GPS Bike Computer Bundle

Le GPS n'est pas reconnu par mon ordinatauer IAMC. Le service SAV GARMIN FRANCE, me suggère de retourner le produit et un nouveau me sera envoyé 22 jours ouvrables après réception de l'ancien produit. La saison 2021 redémarre et je vais me retrouver sans GPS pendant 1 mois 1/2 ! Très décu, surtout que Rose Bike ne répond pas au téléphone.

Edge® 1030 Plus GPS Bike Computer Bundle

Sehr gutes Gerät mit tollen Funktionen. Handhabung ist leicht und ehr umfangreich. Die Sensoren verbinden sich schnell mit dem Gerät.

Edge® 1030 Plus GPS Bike Computer Bundle



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