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STRAP 66 cm

Código de producto: 231713501


Precio IVA incluido más 9,95 € (de envío a España)

Plazo 4-8 días

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The FIXPLUS STRAP helps you attach all kinds of equipment to your bike. Whether it's a bikepacking tent, a camping mat, dry bags or a sleeping bag – the flexible strap is perfect for bikepacking as it allows you to quickly fix larger items (up to Ø 20 cm) to your bike, the rear rack or an Anything Cage.
The elastic strap can be adjusted with just one hand and easily tightened so it doesn’t snap back when the buckle is opened. Its high tensile strength and resistance to heat, cold temperatures, UV rays and seawater promise high durability.
Of course, the versatile fixing strap can also be used for other sports or in everyday life. If necessary, you can also combine several FIXPLUS STRAP straps to secure objects with a larger diameter.

• Elastic strap to attach larger items of equipment to the bike (e.g. a bikepacking tent or camping mats)
• Ideal for bikepacking and Anything Cages
• Adjustable with one hand
• No recoil effect when opened
• Resistant to heat, cold weather, UV rays and sea water
• Extendable with additional STRAPs
• Can also be used for other sports or in everyday life

• Material: thermoplastic polyurethane (strap), aluminium (buckle)
• Tensile strength: up to 90 kg
• Temperature range: -30° C to +60°C
• Width: approx. 2.3 cm
• Length: approx. 66 cm
• For diameter: up to approx. Ø 20 cm

In the box:
• 1x FIXPLUS STRAP 66 cm

The FIXPLUS Strapkeepers for 35-66 cm straps (prod. code 2317144) allow you to tie up the loose end of the STRAP.

Please note that the pack sizes of different items of equipment can vary considerably and that their diameter must also be taken into account when attaching those items to frame tubes.

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