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¡Mejor valorado!

¡Mejor valorado!

F100 Cleaning and Care Kit


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F100 set consisting of:
1x F100 PowerGel Bike Cleaner 5 l canister (product code: 1902848)
1x F100 1 l Power Gel spray bottle (empty, no content)
1x F100 premium microfibre cloth (product code: 2258754)
1x F100 chain lube with new formula, 50 ml dropper bottle (product code: 2274885)

Details F100 PowerGel Bike Cleaner (product code: 1902848)
Power gel for thorough cleaning. Its special active degreasing formula removes even persistent dirt. Cleans self-actively and leaves no residues. For the entire bike incl. chain. The cleaner is also suitable for carbon frames and components.

Details F100 premium microfibre cloth (product code: 2258754)
Highly absorbent premium microfibre cloth for an easy follow-up treatment after cleaning your bike.
· Seamless Ultra-Sonic cut for scratch- and fuzz-free results
· Gentle on sensitive surfaces thanks to especially soft surface treatment
· Double surface area thanks to deep pile on both sides
· Especially recommended for use in combination with the F100 matt care spray (product code: 2041533) and the F100 protection and care oil (product code: 1994326) (not suitable for wiping dry, as it would remove too much of the oil due to its high absorbency)
· Machine washable up to 60° C
· High durability
· Dimensions: approx. 40 x 40 cm

F100 chain lube with new formula, 50 ml dropper bottle (product code: 2274885)
The thoroughly tested F100 chain oil with a new formula and PTFE promises smoothly running moving bicycle parts. Ideal for lubrication and maintenance of highly stressed components such as the chain, upper fork tubes, inner cables, shifting joints etc. Because apart from mechanical load, environmental influences like dirt and moisture give add-on parts a hard time.

As the oil is highly adhesive and penetrates deeply, it even reaches hard-to-reach areas to permanently protect them from corrosion and wear. The wear-reducing formula from Dr. Wack with added polymer offers great water displacement, strong adhesion and significantly reduces friction. The protective oil film keeps all components running smoothly and increases their durability noticeably.

· For all moving drivetrain components and add-on parts
· With added PTFE for smoother running
· Especially effective for chain maintenance
· Strongly adhesive, penetrates deeply
· Added polymer reduces friction and wear
· Low-noise chain running
· Increases durability
· Resistant to rain and spray
· Displaces moisture, prevents corrosion
· Precise application thanks to dropper/spray nozzle

Directions for use:
· Shake spray bottle well before use. Apply a thin film of F100 chain oil to the inside (inner plate and rollers) of the clean and dry chain and allow to air for approx. 5 minutes. Wipe off excess oil with a dry cloth.
· Apply a thin film of F100 chain oil from the dropper bottle to the inside (inner plate and rollers) of the clean and dry chain and allow to react. Wipe off excess oil using a dry cloth. Wipe off excess oil with a dry cloth.

For optimal protection, it is recommend to clean the chain prior to the application of the chain oil.

Do not use on brake discs and pads, tyres and saddles.

Hazard and precautionary statements:
Extremely flammable aerosol. Pressurised container. May burst if heated. Keep out of reach of children. Keep away from heat, hot surfaces, sparks, open flames and other ignition sources. No smoking.

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Cleaning and Care Kit


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