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    textile labelling / ABC of functions 


    Short description Denotation
    AB Manila (Abacá)
    AL Esparto grass (halfah grass/needle grass)
    ALG Alginate
    AR Aramid
    AS Asbestos


    A-Gel Absorbing Function
    Extremely shock- and vibration-absorbing silicone gel in 4 chambers

    is a fine, waterproof polyurethane coating on the inside of the fabric. Its former name was Envoy. PU

    is a waterproof, breathable and robust membrane. PU

    is an elastic functional fibre with a light shimmer. The integrated dorlasthane elasthane fibre is highly resistant against light, oxidation, chlorine and cosmetics. The material combination of polyamide and dorlasthane makes the textile breathable, supports moisture transport and is in addition easy-care and resistant to deformation.

    Air Push
    is a very densely woven fabric, which has been treated with a water-repellent finish. PES, CO

    is a waterproof, windproof and breathable coating. PU

    is used for single- and double-layer knit fabrics made of endless, air bubble texturised polypropylene yarn. PP

    is a new, waterproof coating containing a special polymer, that controls the breathability.

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    BiPolar Technology
    is used on Polartec fabrics. The outside and inside of BiPolar fabrics have different properties. These are obtained with diverse yarns, weaving types, chemical treatments and surface finishes. PES

    is a coating that consists of several layers. Depending on the specific requirements, the composition of the coating varies. PU

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    Short description Denotation
    CA Acetan
    CC Coco
    CF Carbon
    CLF Polyvinylchloride
    CLF Polyvinyldene chloride
    CMD Modal
    CO Cotton
    CTA Triacetate
    CUP Cupro
    CV Viscose


    is a coating with hydrophobic treatment, letting water vapour pass through. PU

    Clarino Grip
    Robust, anti-slip PE material, silicone coated.

    Robust, pleasant, leather like PE material.

    is a wind- and water-repellent microfibre tissue with a high breathability.

    is a polyester microfibre collection with silky, soft, wind- and water-resistant properties. PA

    Climate Plus
    is a double-layer knit fabric made of Tactel and cotton with a hydrophilic construction. Close-fitting, modified Tactel filaments transfer moisture away from the skin. The moisture is then distributed by the cotton outside and can evaporate quickly. CO, PA

    is a double-layer knit fabric, transporting moisture away from the skin.
    PES, CO

    is a hydrophobic fibre with tetra-channel shape. This shape leads to a larger surface area, and improved moisture transfer. PES

    is a versatile, robust yarn. Depending on the intended use, it is offered in different weights. Cordura 160 denier is the lightweight and is sewn as a protection on exposed areas. 500 denier is generally used for backpacks. Cordura Plus is lighter and softer than conventional Cordura. PA

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    is a polyester fibre, which is also used for producing insulation materials like Thermo-loft, Microloft and Thermo-lite. PES

    Delfy 1000
    is a light, waterproof coating.

    is an ultra thin, poreless, soft membrane for high-performance fabrics.

    is offered in different qualities. The microfibre is called Micro, Bactekiller has integrated ions in its fibre as antibacterial treatment. PES

    is an elasthane fibre and highly resistant against light, oxidation, chlorine and cosmetics. EL

    is a double-layer knit fabric made of an internal layer with hydrophobic properties, which transfers moisture to the outside.

    is a light, water-repellent tissue made of two layers. The 4-channel fibre inside transports body moisture quickly to the outside. PA

    has a porous fibre core with a covering sleeve, which contains a meshwork of fine capillaries. PAN

    is a double-layer knit fabric, which can be worn ideally under natural fibre sweaters. The moisture is transported from the skin to the outer layer made of cotton. CO, PES

    is an invisible, water-repellent coating, which is applied to the outside of a fabric.

    is an elastic and robust trousers fabric in different qualities and with different functional features. PA, PES, CO, EL

    is a protective product, which is reinforced with Kevlar. It can also be equipped with Entrant Gll. AR, PES

    is a protective fabric made of highly rigid Dynafil. This polyamide fibre is highly abrasion- and tear-proof. PA

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    Short description Denotation
    ED Elastodiene
    EL Elasthane


    Eco Fleece
    is a fleece collection, whose fabrics are made of 90 – 100% recycled polyester. PES

    a fibre composed of at least 95% of macromolecules partially cross linked, made up from ethylene and at least one other olefin. When stretched to one and a half times its original length, it recovers rapidly to its original length.

    fibres formed by interaction of two or more chemically distinct linear macromolecules in two or more distinct phases (of which non exceeds 85% by mass) which contain ester groups as dominant functional unit (at least 85%) and which, after suitable treatment when stretched to one and a half times their original length and released, recover rapidly to their original length.

    is a windproof, water-repellent and breathable membrane. PES

    is an elastic fabric made of Lycra and polyamide or Coolmax, which has to fulfill certain criteria. The surface weight has to be at least 180 g/m² and it has to contain at least 28 g/m² Lycra. The hand stretch of EnergyWear has to attain at least 120%. It slows down muscle fatigue and increases your performance by building up a micro climate on your skin. EL, PA

    Enka Viscose
    is a viscose, that is often added to other fibres or used as lining. VI

    Entrant GII
    is a three-layer composition containing two different microporous layers. The outer layer guarantees waterproofness, the one in the middle with larger micro pores improves sweat permeability and the inner one with small pores avoids condensation. PU

    Exceltech Ceramic
    is a microporous, hydrophobic coating made of spiral-shaped amino acids. The raw materials are natural starches, which are transformed into an ultra fine coating by chemical polymerisation.

    is a voluminous fine terry knit fabric. Its inside is made of polypropylene, its outside of mercerised cotton. The PP loops do not absorb moisture, but transfer it further. CO, PP

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    Short description Denotation
    FI Fique


    is a hydrophobic yarn with capillary effect. This helps transporting moisture away from the skin fast. PES

    Finn Fill
    is a warmth insulation material, which is held together by a binding structure element in the middle of the fibres.

    Flex Foam
    Strongly shock- and vibration-absorbing PU soft foam.

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    Short description Denotation
    GF Glass


    and Gamex Plus are elastic, fine-filament knit fabrics in different weights. A mechanical compaction and a Scotchguard treatment makes Gamex water- and wind-repellent. PES

    Gel Technology
    Extremely shock- and vibration-absorbing – specially for downhill and mountain biking.

    Gore Windstopper
    is a windproof membrane, which can be tailored differently. It is possible to fabricate 2-layer liners and 2- or 3-layer upper materials. PTFE

    is a waterproof, windproof and breathable membrane, which is sewn for example between the upper material and lining. Two-layer Gore-Tex is laminated directly onto the outer fabric and protected by the lining. If the membrane is punctured with a needle, water can enter. PTFE

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    Short description Denotation
    HA Hemp
    HE Henequen
    HR Cow hair
    HS Horse hair
    HZ Goat hair


    is a windproof, water-repellent and highly breathable microfibre fabric. PES

    Helly Tech
    is a waterproof coating system with different functional levels, which is adjusted to the intended use. PU

    is a waterproof, elastic membrane with micro pores. PU

    is a fleece made of Trevira polyester microfibres. A variant with non-pilling surface is called Husky Terry. PES

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    is an elastic, waterproof laminate, which is also very light. PU

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    Short description Denotation
    JR Urena
    JS Rosella
    JU Jute

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    Short description Denotation
    KE Kenaf
    KP Kapok


    is a robust protective fabric with integrated Kevlar fibres. This makes the fabric tear- and abrasion-proof. There is also a version offered with additional inox fibres, which has a very high cut protection. PA, AR

    Extremely abrasion- and tear-proof PA fabric.

    is a light, high-tensile, abrasion- and tear-proof Para-Aramid fibre deriving from space research. AR

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    Short description Denotation
    LA Latex
    LI Flax, linen


    is a warmth-insulating knit fabric made of Prolite polypropylene, which is offered in different weight classes. PP

    Light & Grip
    Very grippy and fine PU material, supple, breathable and robust.

    is an elastic fibre, which is always used in combination with chemical or natural fibres. Lycra is used as a core, which is surrounded by the other fibre. EL

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    Short description Denotation
    MAC Modacrylic
    MTF Metal


    is a waterproof, windproof and breathable coating. PU

    are wafer-thin films. In order to use them for a piece of clothing, a membrane has to be laminated onto a carrier material. There are different compounds available, microporous and poreless membranes. Microporous membranes are the more common ones. PTFE, PES

    is a polyamide fibre that is available in conventional titres and in a microfibre quality. PA

    is a microfibre, which is available in different qualities like Super and Light. PES

    are chemical fibres, which are finer than 1 dtx. Thanks to their fineness, they obtain special features, depending on the processing and the intended use. PA, PES

    Microporous coatings
    are applied as a wafer-thin film on the inside of carrier textiles. Thanks to their chemical composition and special production processes, the coatings obtain a spongy porosity. The micro pores are arranged irregularly and – thanks to their size – they let water vapour, but no water drops pass through. PU

    is a viscose fibre, which is used mostly in compound materials. VI

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    Short description Denotation
    NF Phormium (New Zealand flax)


    is a different name for polyamide. It is thus a versatile and modifiable chemical fibre. PA

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    Odlo Protec
    is a highly elastic, warmth-insulating knitted fabric. PES

    Odlo Termic
    is a knit fabric, which transfers sweat to the next layer. PES

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    Short description Denotation
    PA Polyamide
    PAN Polyacrylic
    PBT Polybutylene terephtalate
    PE Polyethylene
    PES Polyester
    PP Polypropylene
    PTFE Fluoro
    PVAL Polyvinyl alcohol


    is a fleece, which is offered in different qualities.
    Series 100: thinnest fleece, used as underwear
    Series 200, 300: fleece in different thicknesses as warming layer
    Windblock Series: double fleece with a Windblock membrane
    Thermal Stretch: water-repellent, elastic nylon and PU surface, fleece inside

    is a polyester fibre, which is also offered as a microfibre. PES

    Pro Sweat +
    High-grade, bi-elastic upper hand material, moisture-transporting.

    is a fleece with a special production type. The loops are wrapped twice around the carrier material. Propile is offered in three weight qualities: Heavy, Medium and Light. PES

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    Short decription Denotation
    RA Ramie


    is a polyvinyl chloride fibre with multiple micro channels, through which moisture can be transferred away from the skin. CLF

    Extremely robust, breathable, climatising fibre fleece.

    Roeckl athletiq Top Function Materials
    Pull Off System
    Silicone pockets on the palm of gloves for easy slipping off.

    New, patented velcros, avoid stringing.

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    Short description Denotation
    SE Silk (mulberry)
    SI Sisal
    SN Sunn
    ST Tussah silk


    is an impregnation, which is applied on the upper material and protects it from stains. PTFE

    is a polyester fibre, which is offered in different titres, for example in microfibre fineness. PES

    is a stretch fabric, which is bi-elastic and water-repellent. Thanks to its double-layer composition, the fabric inside provides good warmth insulation and moisture absorption. PES

    Sofitex 2000
    is a two-piece, waterproof coating made of one layer polyurethane and one layer fluorocarbon. The version 3000 consists of three layers and is thus more waterproof, but less breathable. PU

    is a light stretch fabric in different qualities, with a high cotton percentage and with Lycra. CO, PA, EL

    Sun Select
    is a swimsuit fabric, which lets the tanning UVA rays penetrate to the skin, but blocks the harmful UVB rays.

    Supertrans Integral
    is a double-layer underwear with an inside made of polypropylene and an outside made of cotton, modal and polyamide. PP, CO, VI, PA

    is a single-layer knitted fabric made of polypropylene in waffle structure. PP

    is a nylon yarn, which consists of more fibres than conventional nylon. Moreover, the fibres are finer and provide the material with considerably more softness. PA

    is a membrane and has a closed surface without pores. The membrane is made of hydrophilic polyester, which transfers water vapour to the outside. The decisive factor for the conductivity is the temperature difference between body and outside air. PES

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    Tactel Aquator
    is a double-layer cloth quality. A Tactel layer on the inside keeps the skin dry and transfers moisture to the outside layer made of cotton. The moisture is then distributed on a large area and can evaporate fast. CO, PA

    is a polyamide fibre, which is offered in different modifications: diabolo, texturals, multisoft, aquator, micro. PA

    is an odourless and uncoloured fabric protection. It can be applied to almost all textile layers and yarns. The single yarns are coated by Teflon in a curing process (coating bath). This serves as a stain protection and makes the fabric water-repellent. PTFE

    is a new viscose fibre, which feels like a natural fibre. The cellulose used for it stems from trees that have been specially planted in forests for this purpose. VI

    is a fine filament, which is strongly warming.

    Thermo Plus
    is a double-layer knit fabric with an inside made of Dunova and an outside made of wool/polyamide. This transfers moisture away from the skin and keeps your body warm at the same time. WO, PA, PAN

    Thermo wadding
    is an insulation wadding, which is inserted between upper material and lining.

    is an insulation which comes in different thicknesses and builds an air layer. This prevents your body from cooling off. A special procedure is used to make the insulation less thick.

    functional underwear, which is worn directly on the skin. The spun polyester does not absorb moisture, but transfers it further to the next layer. PES

    Thermotex Climate Terry
    functional underwear, which consists of pure polyester fibre in a special loop structure. These loops create a bigger air cushion. PES

    is a fleece family which is available in different qualities. PES

    is a warmth insulation in numerous material variants and different thicknesses.
    Thermal: soft, light;
    Lite-Loft: voluminous, fluffy microfibre fleece
    Light: light, windproof, grippy
    Plus: combination of insulation and membrane
    Compress: pressure-resistant
    Ceramic: ceramic particles transform light into warmth
    PP, PES

    is a membrane made of a porous carrier material with a smooth, closed polyurethane outside. PU

    double-layer sports underwear, which consists of polypropylene inside and cotton or wool outside. CO, PP

    Trevira Polarguard
    is an insulation, which is offered in different qualities. HV Premium Fil consists of Bico-Polygon endless filaments, Comfort Fil of Bico-High Loft endless filaments. PES

    is a polyester fibre, which is available in multiple versions:
    Terry Sensity: fleece with new surface
    Micro Sensity: micro fleece made of staple fibres
    Aquatherm: microfibre fabric with water-repellent Scotchguard treatment

    is a microporous, hydrophobic coating, which is not only applied to the surface, but also penetrates the whole fabric. PU

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    is a three-layer system, which is composed of the water-repellent surface coating Durepel, a Supplex fabric and the microporous inside coating Ultrex. PU

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    Short description Denotation
    WA Angora
    WG Vicuna
    WK Camel
    WL Lama
    WM Mohair
    WN Kanin
    WO Wool (sheep wool)
    WP Alpaca
    WS Cashmere
    WU Guanaco
    WV New wool
    WY Yak


    is a three-layer stretch fabric, which is wind-, snow- and water-repellent. The outside consists of robust polyamide and Lycra. An acrylate coating in the middle provides breathability, water-repellency and warmth insulation. The inner layer consists of fleece. However, the designation WB-400 is also used for the elastic PU membrane alone. PA, EL, PU

    is a double-layer, elastic fabric with the PU membrane WB-400. It is waterproof, windproof and breathable. PA, EL, PU

    is a highly functional, elastic membrane. Windtex offers protection from wind and light rain. It lets your body breathe without letting it cool out. Moreover, Windtex avoids heat accumulation and sweating.

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    light, single-layer functional underwear. PP


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