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SHIMANO Zee PD-GR500 pedals

The Shimano Zee PD-GR500 pedals represent the entry into the world of Shimano flat pedals. Yet, they impress with a high quality of craftsmanship and...

Color: schwarz


SHIMANO XT PD-M8040 pedals

The Shimano XT PD-M8040 pedals are perfectly suitable for aggressive trail riding and enduro. Ten pins per side and a slightly curved design ensure co...

Color: schwarz

RRP 99,95 € 64,95 

Crank Brothers Stamp 2 pedals

In terms of durability and performance, crankbrothers’ enthusiast-level platform pedal with aluminium body is in no way inferior to the higher quality...

Color: black

RRP 79,99 € 59,90 

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Reverse Escape pedals

A good and safe grip on the pedals is as important as the traction between wheels and ground. With the Reverse Escape pedal, this decisive factor is m...

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Race Face Chester Composite flat pedals

The Race Face Chester Composite MTB pedals offer best grip on your MTB trail. Made from a sturdy nylon composite material and equipped with 16 replace...

RRP 64,90 € desde55,90 

Crank Brothers Stamp 3 pedals

For seasoned mountain bikers who have a penchant for dashing downhill and for all those who are about to become one, crankbrothers offers the upgraded...

RRP 99,99 € 74,95 

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ROSE Pro 249 pedals

Stable, flat pedals with aluminium base body. Cast-on, round aluminium pins offer good grip in wet weather or muddy terrain. · Weight: approx. 390 g...

Color: schwarz

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Xtreme WCR B 124 pedals

Lightweight pedals with an extreme platform for high grip. The CNC milled pedal body is made from aluminium 6061 and comes with a CNC machined CroMo a...

en vez de 64,95 € 59,95 

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ROSE B155B pedals

With ten steel pins on each side, the B155B offers extremely good grip. The structure and weight make it suitable for a wide range of use for ATB or t...

Color: schwarz

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Reverse Super Shape-3-D pedals

Thanks to a 3D shape and 20 steel pins, the Reverse Super Shape Flat pedals offer perfect stability. Designed for downhille, freeride and all-mountain...

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Reverse REVERSE Black ONE pedals

The new Reverse Black ONE pedal from Reverse Components weighs a mere 309 g and offers enough grip in every riding situation thanks to 20 pedal pins....

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ROSE Pro Flat 281 pedals

Eight pronounced teeth on each side grip your shoes without restricting your movement on the ROSE Pro Flat 281 pedals, so that you can still correct y...

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Sixpack Menace pedals

The Sixpack Menace is a grippy flat pedal for trail riding. 28 pins offer sufficient grip on the platform pedals when it’s getting rough and a sloping...

VP MTB/ATB Comp pedals

Lightweight and robust standard pedal with a pedal body and cage made of forged aluminium. · toe clips can be mounted · cartridge bearings · incl. ref...

Color: silber

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Spank Spike pedals

The Spike pedals immediately catch your eye with a flat 12 mm pedal body and tapered edges which offer more ground clearance and thus prevent contact...

RRP 119,00 € 84,95 

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Xtreme Pro R-074 pedals

These stylish aluminium pedals with a CNC milled body impress with a low weight and an axle with cartridge bearings. A flat design makes the R-074 esp...


Crank Brothers Stamp 1 pedals

Usually the motto “Budget-priced, stable, lightweight. Buy 2!”is true almost everywhere. Not with the CrankBrothers Stamp 1 platform pedals, because...

RRP 49,99 € 42,95 

Sixpack Icon 2.0 pedals

With the Icon pedals by Sixpack, you will always be well equipped. These flat pedals are suitable for downhill, freeride and dirt action in the bike p...

Sixpack Vegas pedals

No matter where you hit the trail with your MTB – the Vegas flat pedals by Sixpack will always stay by your side. With a total of 32 pins, the robust...

SHIMANO Saint PD-M828 pedals

The Shimano Saint PD-M828 pedals offer additional grip thanks to 12 pins per side. The pins vary in length to achieve a concave platform that perfectl...

Color: schwarz

RRP 149,95 € 97,50 

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