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ERGON GP3 grips

The Ergon GP3 grip gives your hands three different comfortable anti-slip grip zones and prevents thus tensions and fatigue. It comes with ergonomical...

RRP 54,95 € 38,95 

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ERGON GP1 grips

Easy. Ergonomic. Versatile. The GP1 grips by Ergon successfully prevent numb fingers or painful wrists. The ergonomic grips offer best pressure distr...

RRP 34,95 € 24,90 

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Brooks Ergon GP1 Brooks leather grips

The Ergon GP1 leather grips by Brooks are a trendy accessory for your bike. The naturally tanned leather offers a high-quality look, the anatomic shap...

RRP 89,00 € 64,95 

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ERGON GP5 grips

Maximum comfort on long tours – the Ergon GP5 grips with angle-adjustable full-size bar ends are a great solution to prevent numb fingers and hand pai...

RRP 74,95 € desde55,95 

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ERGON GA3 grips

The Ergon GA3 all-mountain comfort grips combine the relief benefits and wrist support of ergonomic wing grips with the freedom of movement of rounder...

RRP 29,95 € 23,95 

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ERGON GP3 BioKork grips

Like all grips of the Ergon Performance Comfort series, the Ergon GP3 BioKork offers optimum ergonomics for your hands and wrists. Cork is naturally...

RRP 59,95 € 44,90 

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ERGON GP2 grips

The Ergon GP2 grip gives your hands three different comfortable anti-slip grip zones and prevents thus tensions and fatigue. It comes with ergonomical...

RRP 44,95 € 32,95 

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ROSE BE-1 ergonomic grips

Thanks to their ergonomic structure, the ROSE BE-1 help put an end to numbness and painful hands. Their large wings prevent your wrists from bending u...

Color: schw/grau


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ERGON GP1 BioKork grips

Optimum ergonomics for your hands and wrists. The Ergon GP1 BioKork grips not only stand out for their comfort, yet are also very skin-friendly. The n...

RRP 42,95 € 31,95 

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ERGON GP1 grips for Rohloff/Nexus twist shifters

Best ergonomics for demanding cyclists – the Ergon GP1 grips for Rohloff or Nexus twist shifters are extremely robust and ergonomic. Apart from a hand...

RRP 34,95 € 24,90 

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ERGON GP4 grips

The Ergon GP4 is a grip with full size bar end, which considerably relieves your hands, thanks to its hand-fitting 3D shape. The ergonomically shaped...

RRP 64,95 € 48,95 

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ERGON GS1 grips

For the optimum balance of comfort and lightness – with the Ergon GS1 grips, your hands will easily master long distances on the bike. The grips provi...

RRP 39,95 € 29,95 

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Spank Spoon Lock On grips

The nubbed diamond profile of the Spoon Lock On grips gives you the necessary safety during challenging downhills. Two aluminium screw clamps keep the...

RRP 14,90 € 12,90 

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ERGON GP3 grips for Rohloff/Nexus twist shifters

The Ergon GP3 grip is suitable for Rohloff/Nexus twist shifters and combines pleasant shifting comfort with an ergonomically convincing grip shape. Th...

RRP 54,95 € 39,95 

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ERGON GP5 grips for Rohloff / Nexus twist shifters

Enjoy best ergonomics with Rohloff/Nexus twist shifters – the Ergon GP5 grips are well prepared for any eventuality. The angle-adjustable full-size ba...

RRP 74,95 € 58,90 

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ERGON GP5 BioKork grips

The Ergon GP5 BioKork grips with full-size bar end and BioKork come with optimum ergonomic features: pain in the hands or numb fingers are minimised o...

RRP 79,95 € 59,95 

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ERGON GA2 Fat grips

You asked for it – in response to many requests, Ergon launches the popular GA3 grip in a fat version with extra thick circumference. With that, the m...

RRP 29,95 € 22,95 

ERGON GP3 BioKork grips for Rohloff/Nexus twist shifters

Purely organic – the GP3 BioKork grips by Ergon for Rohloff/Nexus twist shifters were produced with the idea of sustainability in mind. They offer eff...

RRP 59,95 € 44,90 

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ERGON Ergon GP1 BioKork grip for Rohloff/Nexus

The Ergon GP1 BioKork grips come with a shorter right grip to ensure compatibility with Rohloff/Nexus twist shifters. The grips are approved for use o...

RRP 42,95 € desde29,95 

SQlab Article: 2670224

The sporty 710 MTB Comfort / Tour & Travel handlebar grip by SQlab covers a large spectrum of use with its large side hand support. The ergonomic grip...

Color: schwarz