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Xtreme Barnizer CA tacho/lamp holder

Provides an additional 70 mm of space for lighting, heart rate monitor or bike computer. Optical highlight because of the materials carbon (tube) and...

en vez de 15,20 € 13,95 

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ROSE Barnizer AL46 tacho/light holder

The ROSE Barnizer offers the possibility of mounting tachometers or similar centrally in front of the stem. The 2,5 mm thick arms are secured on the l...

Color: schwarz

en vez de 14,18 € 12,95 

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B + M replacement bracket with quick release

· fits Ixon, Ixon IQ, Ixon IQ Premium, Ixon Pure and Bing Bang · tool-free mounting · with practical quick release · fits handlebars of diameter 22-32...

RRP 5,90 € 3,95 

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B + M Light Bracket for Ixon

· fits Ixon/Ixon IQ/Ixon IQ Premium/Ixon Pure · for mounting on the fork head of rigid forks with an aperture or suspension forks with an aperture in...

RRP 9,90 € 7,90 

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ROSE Barnizer II tacho/lamp holder

The Barnizer II solves all space problems on the handlebar. It is suitable for all handlebars with 25,4 to 31,8 mm handlebar diameter and you can atta...

Color: schwarz


B + M tail light holder for the saddle

Allows you to benefit from the high safety of a carrier-mounted tail light, if your bike comes without a carrier or if the luggage would cover the tai...

en vez de 9,05 € 7,95 

¡Mejor valorado!

¡Mejor valorado!

Rixen & Kaul front light holder

When the handlebar is strongly bent, oval-shaped, too wide or if there are simply too many things mounted on it, the headlight has to be mounted somew...

RRP 10,95 € 9,90 

Cateye H34N replacement bracket

Happy without tools: With the FlexTight™ bracket, all Cateye front lights can be securely mounted on the handlebar. · horizontal clamp suitable for a...

Color: schwarz

RRP 3,99 € 2,95 

B + M Spare bracket for Ixon Space front lights

Spare bracket or additional handlebar mount for your Ixon Space front light by B + M. Thanks to a quick-release attachment and a variable clamp diamet...

RRP 10,90 € 9,90 

Sigma replacement bracket for Sportster

Replacement bracket suitable for Sigma Karma, Karma Evo, Powerled Evo, Quadro, Quadro X, Sportster and Ligthster USB. With slide function for a quick...

RRP 4,95 € 2,95 

B + M Handlebar mount for Ixon Core/Fyre

This handlebar mount by B+M serves as a spare mount and allows you to quickly fit the Ixon Core front light on a second bike. It offers various mounti...

RRP 7,90 € 5,90 

AXA replacement bracket for Greenline headlight

Replacement bracket, suitable for AXA Greenline front light (item no. 2052487, 2052496, 2253470, 2253472). Manufacturer's ref. 99933395

RRP 5,69 € 3,95 

Litecco replacement bracket

Replacement bracket for Litecco Highlux.30 (item no.: 1857681) and Micro lights. · Universal bracket for handlebars with a Ø of up to 32 mm Manufactu...


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B + M light holder

Stainless steel light holder available in 2 lengths, the longer version is suitable for road bike brakes, too! · available in length 25 mm or 50 mm P...

Color: silber

en vez de 2,95 € 2,00 

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Sigma SIGMA spare bracket for CUBERIDER II

· incl. mounting material · suitable for Ø 15-35 mm

RRP 3,95 € 2,95 

Sigma silicone bracket for Aura

Silicone replacement bracket for Sigma Aura 25. Also suitable for the Roadster USB light (after removal of the sliding system). · Tool-free installati...

Color: schwarz

RRP 4,95 € 3,95 

Lunivo replacement holder for Vegas F30 / F40 headlights

Replacement holder, suitable for Lunivo LED headlights Vegas F30 and Vegas F40. · Suitable for Ø18-32mm

Color: schwarz


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Cateye CFB-100 light bracket for the fork

The Cateye light bracket allows you to quickly and easily mount your bicycle light onto a fork. A welcome alternative when cables or handlebar bag wou...

Color: schwarz

RRP 5,90 € 4,45 

¡Mejor valorado!

Lunivo fork mount for Vegas F30/Vegas F40

This holder allows you to screw the Vegas F30 LED headlight models to a fork crown together with the brake piston. A perfect solution, if the handleba...

RRP 4,95 € 3,95 

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