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SHIMANO R55C4 brake pads***

· improved braking performance compared to the predecessor model. · 4 pieces

en vez de 8,08 € 6,49 

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SHIMANO R55C+1 brake pads**

Good performance in dry and wet conditions. Even more durable thanks to 1 mm thicker walls. · 4 pieces

en vez de 7,63 € 6,95 

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MAVIC brake pads for Exalith rims

· brake pads with special compound for Mavic Exalith and Exalith II rims · also compatible with SRAM/Shimano/Race caliper brakes with brake shoes for...

Color: schwarz

RRP 20,00 € 16,95 

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SHIMANO Ultegra 6700 brake shoes*

· angle-adjustable · exchangeable brake pads · R55C3 brake pads · 2 pieces

en vez de 8,08 € 6,95 

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SHIMANO R55C3 brake pads**

Increased wear resistance, good braking performance. · suitable for BR-9000/7900/7800/7700/6700/ 6600/6500/5700/5600 · 4 pieces

en vez de 7,07 € 5,95 

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Campagnolo BR-RE700 brake pads

· suitable for Super Record from '09, Record/ Chorus from 2000, Centaur/Daytona/Veloce 2001-2006, Athena from 2011 · 4 pieces

en vez de 17,23 € 14,90 

¡Mejor valorado!

SHIMANO R55C4 brake pads for carbon rims

· suitable for BR-9000/9010/7900/7800/7700/6800/6810/6700/6600/6500/5700/5710/5600 · for use with carbon rims · suitable for all Shimano Race brakes w...

en vez de 20,23 € 18,50 

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SHIMANO 105 BR-5800 brake shoes

· angle-adjustable · exchangeable brake pads · R55C4 brake pads · compatible with all Shimano Race brakes · 2 pcs · manufacturer's ref.: Y-88T98020 (b...

Color: silber

en vez de 9,99 € 7,90 

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SHIMANO Ultegra 6403 brake shoes

· For aluminium rims · Compatible with all Shimano Race brakes · 2 pieces Compatibility: · BR-6403 · BR-4400 · BR-3300 · BR-1055 · BR-A550 · BR-A450...

en vez de 5,03 € 3,90 

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Kool Stop Supra 2 for V-brake, brake shoes

The PAD-LOCK system with its concave and convex washers allows the brake shoes to be aligned exactly opposite the rim. Their dual compound is particul...

en vez de 11,13 € desde8,90 

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Swiss Stop BXP brake pads for DT PR 1400 OXiC rims

Special brake pads for DT Swiss PR 1400 OXiC wheelset (item no. 2252867). Thanks to their BXP compound, which is specially adapted to the ceramic OXiC...

Color: blau

RRP 24,90 € 17,90 

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Kool Stop Dura 2 brake pads**

Exchangeable brake pads with an all-weather compound, suitable for every type of rim. · 2 pieces

Color: rot

en vez de 7,62 € 6,90 

SHIMANO Ultegra 6800 brake shoes

· angle-adjustable · exchangeable brake pads · R55C4 brake pads · compatible with all Shimano Race brakes · 2 pcs · manufacturer's ref.: Y-8LA98030

Color: schwarz

en vez de 11,08 € 9,95 

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Kool Stop Dura 2 Dual Compound brake pads

Replaceable brake pads with an all-weather compound for good braking performance. · Suitable for all Shimano and Sram road brakes with brake shoes fo...

en vez de 8,50 € 7,95 

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Campagnolo Shamal Mille brake pads

Special brake pads for Shamal Mille wheels. Only the original brake pads achieve best deceleration values. · 4 pieces Campagnolo's ref. : BRPEO500 S...

Color: schw/blau


¡Mejor valorado!

Kool Stop brake blocks for Magura

These brake pads provide a greater contact surface to the rim for increased braking power without rib profiling. The Salmon compound comes into its ow...

Color: schwarz

en vez de 8,08 € 6,90 

¡Mejor valorado!

Kool Stop brake shoes*

Angle-adjustable brake shoes with exchangeable Dual Compound brake pads. · 2 pieces

en vez de 15,95 € 12,45 

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ROSE TC brake shoes*

These ROSE TC angle-adjustable brake shoes prove that Triple Compound makes sense for road bikes, too. Optimal braking performance is achieved under d...


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SHIMANO R55C3 Dura Ace/Ultegra/105 Carbon brake pads

These brake pads with a special compound ensures a perfect braking performance when using carbon rims without aluminium rim flanges. · Suitable for a...

en vez de 18,20 € 16,90 

Campagnolo Bremsbeläge für Carbon Bremsflächen

Spezielle Bremsbeläge für alle Campagnolo Bremsen mit Einschubbremsbelägen ab Baujahr 2000. · für Campagnolo/Fulcrum Laufräder mit Carbon Bremsfläche...


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