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Rohloff replacement sprocket for Speedhub

The 15-, 16-, and 17-tooth sprockets are reversible and can be used from both sides.

RRP 30,00 € 27,95 

Rohloff splined sprocket

Rohloff also offers splined sprockets in addition to thread-on sprockets. These new sprockets are fixed on a plug pinion adapter (Splined-Carrier) tha...


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Rohloff splined sprocket adapter

The splined sprocket adapter (Splined-Carrier) allows you to fit Rohloff splined sprockets to an existing Rohloff hub. Simply screw the adapter on to...

Color: silber

RRP 26,00 € 25,00 

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SHIMANO replacement sprocket for Nexus gear hubs

Sprocket, suitable for Shimano Nexus and Alfine gear hubs. · available with 16, 18, 19, 20, 21 or 22 teeth Please specify number of teeth!

Color: silber


Rohloff "S" adapter for splined carrier

For special cases where you need more clearance, as e.g. the chain rubs against the chain case or chainstays, Rohloff offers this slim splined carreir...

RRP 26,00 € 25,00 

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Rohloff oil drain plug

· for all Rohloff gear hubs


Pitlock set 21 thru axle 15mm for Suntour MTB

To ensure the wheels of your beloved bicycles don't walk when parking your bike out of sight, the Pitlock set 21 thru axle for Suntour MTB forks prote...

Color: schwarz

RRP 65,90 € 59,95 

Rohloff Lever Hood for Twist Shifter

Replacement lever hood by Rohloff for Rohloff’s twist shifter 8206. Details: · With special structure for good grip In the box: · 1x lever hood...


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Rohloff Chain Tensioner 8250

The Rohloff chain tensioner allows you to use Rohloff’s Speedhub on full-suspension bikes, as it keeps the chain at a suitable length so that the rear...


Rohloff Paper Gasket Kit

Rohloff paper gasket kit including six axle plate screws for both internal and external cable routing. Note: The one-piece axle ring used until 200...


SHIMANO Anti-rotation washers for horizontal dropouts

Shimano non-turn washers for horizontal dropouts. · 1 pair

Color: schw/grau



Optimized spare kit for all Nuvinci/enviolo N330/N360/N380 hubs, including the following replacement parts: · Freehub body with three reinforced paw...

RRP 34,95 € 27,95 

enviolo NUVINCI N330/N360/N380/N380SE CVP Hub Installation Kit

Kit to install Nuvinci and enviolo gear hubs. The kit includes: · 2x M10 acorn nuts · 2x lock washers · 1x hexagon nut · 1x washer 2 mm · 1x snap rin...

RRP 12,90 € 10,90 

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SHIMANO Anti-rotation washers for rear opened dropouts

Shimano non-turn washers for dropouts with opening towards the rear. · 1 pair

Color: weiß/silber


PINION Oil Service Kit Incl. 60ml Gearbox Oil

The complete oil service kit by PINION! Including 60ml gearbox oil, oil syringe, filler tube and screw-in attachment for clean oil change on your Pini...


Rohloff Oil Filling Tube 8502

Spare filler tube for Rohloff’s oil change kit (product code: 49218700) for Rohloff Speedhubs. Details: · Length: approx. 150 mm In the box: · 1x o...



NuVinci magnet disc for N 360

Magnet disc, suitable for NuVinci N 360 gear hub. · Mounting on the right hub side Available in: · Black · Silver Manufacturer's ref.: Nuvinci3 (bl...

Color: schwarz

RRP 29,00 € 2,90 

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Rohloff Monkey Bone IS to PM adapter 160 / 180 mm

The Monkey Bone by Rohloff replaces the combination of a SPEEDBONE adapter and a standard IS-PM adapter and thus makes it easier to use the Rohloff OE...

RRP 40,00 € 39,95 

Rohloff Snap-Ring for Splined Sprockets

Spare snap-ring for securing Rohloff splined sprockets. Suitable for splined sprocket adapters for conversion from screw-on sprockets to splined sproc...


PINION Lockring Tool SL

Also ideal for trailside repairs! The robust PINION lockring tool SL is made of lightweight aluminium and allows you to install and remove the gearbox...

Color: blau eloxiert

blau eloxiert