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HideMyBell Regular GWS Handlebar Mount with Integrated Bell

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Many cyclists don’t use a bell on their road bike, gravel bike or MTB, as they think it looks stupid and is hard to fit to the narrow bars of sporty bikes. Besides, a bell ruins the aerodynamics and is simply a no-go. We all have plenty of excuses and some - when leaving out security concerns - are even justified.
CloseTheGap has developed a solution to this ‘problem’! HideMyBell – handlebar mount and bell in one. Discreet, practical and clever.

With the HideMyBell regular GWS, CloseTheGap has managed to integrate two different systems in one: A beautiful handlebar mount for your GPS device or bike computer and a bell. This allows you to discreetly position your bike computer out-front for best aerodynamics. No one will notice at first glance that you have also fitted a bell to your bike, as it is hidden under the computer mount, while still reliably announcing your presence. Therefore, the HideMyBell regular handlebar mount provides additional safety wherever you go.

The special G(armin) W(ahoo) S(igma) Edition differs from the classic HideMyBell regular (product code: 2282975) in terms of the compatibility with the brands Garmin, Wahoo, and Sigma and the GoPro Style Adapter (not included in the box). CloseTheGap passes the cost savings directly to you.
Moreover, you can use the CloseTheGap GoPro Style adapter (product code 2282982) to additionally mount a compatible action camera to the GWS Edition.

• Beautifully integrated bell – loud and rattle free (approx. 85 dB at a distance of 5 metres)
• Split handlebar clamp for easy installation
• Hidden bolt clamp design

• Material out-front mount: polymer (POM)
• Material bell: anodized aluminium
• Stainless steel bolts
• Suitable for handlebar Ø 31.8 mm
• Weight: approx. 50 g

Compatible with the following bike computers (please see the manual):

For the CloseTheGap HideMyBell mini see product code 2282981.

• Edge 20 (HideMyBell mini recommended)
• Edge 25 (HideMyBell mini recommended)
• Edge 130 (HideMyBell mini recommended)
• Edge 200 (HideMyBell mini recommended)
• Edge 500 (HideMyBell mini recommended)
• Edge 510
• Edge 520 (HideMyBell mini recommended)
• Edge 800
• Edge 810
• Edge 820 (HideMyBell mini recommended)
• Edge 1000
• Edge Touring
• Edge 1030
• Edge Explore

Wahoo (1/4 turn of the adapter required):
• ELEMNT Bolt (HideMyBell mini recommended)
• ELEMNT Mini (HideMyBell mini recommended)

• ROX GPS 7.0 (HideMyBell mini recommended)
• ROX GPS 11.0 (HideMyBell mini recommended)
• ROX GPS 12.0
• Pure GPS (HideMyBell mini recommended)

In the box:
• 1 CloseTheGap HideMyBell Regular GWS Handlebar Mount

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HideMyBell Regular GWS Handlebar Mount with Integrated Bell

Mein bester Freund am Rennrad, den ich nicht mehr missen will. 4 Sterne, weil die Befestigung am Lenker nicht so stabil ist, wie beim originalen Garmin-Halter und weil bei meinem ersten Hidemybell der Plastikhebel zum klingeln unreparierbar abgebrochen ist. Ansonsten klare Empfehlung für eine versteckte Klingel.

HideMyBell Regular GWS Handlebar Mount with Integrated Bell

Erster Eindruck ist gut. Allerdings qualitativ nicht so hochwertig, wie der Originalhalter von Wahoo. Der Element Roam hat in der Halterung etwas Spiel. Für mich nicht tragisch. Klingel ist laut genug. Allerdings ist der Schlägel aus Kunststoff. Hoffentlich hält der auch entsprechend lange.