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Cane Creek Double Barrel Inline rear shock with Climb Switch

Código de producto: 227301603

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In order to ensure full control off the road, you can easily adjust the setup of the Double Barrel Inline air shock by Cane Creek. Perfect for trail bikes with a travel of 120 to 160 mm. The adjustable Twin Tube shock controls suspension via two separate damping circuits for rebound and compression, which is why it can be precisely adapted to body weight and route profile. This allows for a perfect setup thanks to almost completely independent adjustments. Despite the use of more oil, the Twin Tube rear shock does not require an expansion chamber, which makes it suitable for installation on many common frames.
In addition to high- and low-speed rebound and compression, the shock offers a climbing feature to stabilize the chassis. When triggering the Climb Switch via the remote lever, a specially adapted low-speed rebound and compression is activated to reduce frame bobbing – for more traction and efficiency. In contrast to conventional platform shocks, this one has a pedalling aid that firms up both the low-speed rebound and compression.

· High-end Inline air shock with Climb Switch
· Intended use: XC, Trail, All-Mountain, Enduro
· Suspension: air, with positive and negative chamber
· Self-adjusting negative air spring
· Twin Tube Technology without expansion chamber
· Independent 4-way adjustment of high- and low-speed compression and rebound
· Damping: Double Barrel Twin Tube Technology with separate rebound and compression adjustment
· 2 high-speed and 4 low-speed damping circuits
· Adjustments: air pressure, high-speed compression, low-speed compression, high-speed rebound, low-speed rebound, Climb Switch (on/off)
· Climb Switch (CS) activation via remote lever
· Air valve position adjustable through 360° (Outer-Can)
· Air volume adjustable with spacers
· Adjustment with 3 mm hex wrench
· Bushings: metal-reinforced, self-lubricating Norglide® PTFE bushings
· Axle: 1/2“
· Material: aluminium
· Weight: approx. 295 g (165 x 38 mm)


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