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Record 12s Disc Brake Ergopower Ultra-Shift brake/shift lever set

Código de producto: 227680101

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The Record 12s Disc Brake Ergopower Ultra-Shift brake/shift lever set combines Campagnolo’s top technologies for road bikes with hydraulic disc brakes with 12 gears. With the twelfth sprocket, the family-owned Italian company with a long tradition offers unprecedented levels of versatility, as it provides the perfect gear ratio for all terrains ranging from flat sections through to demanding mountain tours. The optimized Ultra-Shift™ mechanism of the brake/shift lever combination ensures smoother and more precise gear changes and the long-established Campagnolo Ergopower ergonomics also received a highly effective fine tuning. Despite significantly different inner values, the hydraulic Record 12s™ Disc Brake lever looks quite similar to the rim brake lever, with the exception of the additional 8 mm of height for the hydraulic master cylinder. All controls are slightly larger and the thumb shift lever extends further forwards for easier reach when in aero position.
The brake levers have a double curvature and an increased curve at the bottom for improved grip when in the drops, as well as a higher pivot point that aligns horizontally with the handlebar’s top to increase leverage. As the Campa Record 12s™ Disc Brake Ergopower brake/shift levers offer you the possibility to adjust the reach, you can easily adapt them to fit your hands within seconds. Thus, road cyclists with smaller hands will fully enjoy Campagnolo’s high-end technology as well.

· Intuitive shifting thanks to “one lever-one action” feature (each lever has one function in order to prevent shifting errors when tired or distracted)
· Ultra-Shift™ mechanism for the rear (upshift up to 3 sprockets at a time and downshift up to 5)
· Optimized ergonomics with new body shape and reach adjustment
· Safe support and grip in the top bar position when riding out of the saddle or gripping high on the handlebar
· Brake lever with double curvature for maximum safety and comfort in any position
· Silicone rubber hoods with optimized Vari-Cushion™ technology for improved comfort and a secure grip
· Hydraulic master cylinder
· AMSTM adjustment (Adjustable Modulation System)

· 2 x 12-speed Campagnolo Super Record 12s™/Record 12s™ compatible
· For hydraulic disc brakes and mechanical shifting systems
· Material brake lever: carbon composite
· Material body: composite
· FlatMount front brake caliper for 160 mm brake rotors
· FlatMount rear brake caliper for 140 mm brake rotors
· 2 brake pistons each made of phenolic resin Ø 22 mm
· Straight hose connection
· Brake fluid: mineral oil
· Magnetic spring for brake pads
· Brake pads: organic
· Hose length front/rear: 1800 mm
· Weight: approx. 701 g (pair incl. brake calipers and hose)
· 1 pair
· Type: FG

In the box:
· 1x Campagnolo Record 12s™ double disc brake 160 mm for front wheel incl. bolts, 1800 mm hose
· 1x Campagnolo Record 12s™ Disc Brake 140 mm for rear wheel without bolts (frame-specific), 1800 mm hose
· Incl. gear cables and housings
· WITHOUT brake discs (sold separately, product code 2272995)

Campagnolo guarantees maximum performance when combining the brakes with 160 mm rotors. For the rear wheel brake, a 140 mm disc is only permissible when the cyclist weighs less than 82 kg. For using a 160 mm rotor on the rear wheel, you additionally need the Campagnolo rear disc brake adapter for FlatMount (item no.: 2272988).

EXCLUSIVELY compatible with Campagnolo 12-speed components with F-, G-, or FG label.

NOTE: All Campagnolo components of the new groups are marked with a letter to indicate their compatibility. So, please check the compatibility of the letter (if present) on shifter, rear derailleur and crankset.

Additional Campagnolo Record 12s™ components:
· Campagnolo Record 12s Ultra Torque crankset (product code: 2276763)
· Campagnolo Record 12s braze-on front derailleur (product code: 2276766)
· Campagnolo Record 12s rear derailleur 12-speed (product code: 2276769)

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