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Booster Set Slim Foam Roller


Código de producto: 227276001

139,95 € RRP 159,95 €

Precio IVA incluido más 9,95 € (de envío a España)

Plazo 4-8 días

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Handy set for intensive muscle stimulation, consisting of a Blackroll Slim foam roller (prod. code: 2272759) and a vibrating Blackroll Booster. The Booster is a vibrating core, designed to fit in any 30 cm BLACKROLL foam roller and boost its effectiveness. This helps ease muscle tension and improves recovery.
The Slim is as wide as the standard roller by Blackroll, but has a significantly smaller diameter. Therefore, the slim massage roller is perfectly suitable for travelling so that you can even enjoy intensive massages on the go.
The vibration mechanism additionally stimulates your metabolism and the supply of blood to your muscles. This helps to effectively prevent muscle tension and chronic complaints. The handy size with a smaller contact surface further intensifies roll-out. The roll’s lower height with greater stability offers a wide range of suitable exercises for muscle regeneration. Numerous exercises help loosen adhesions and tight spots in muscles and fascia and support blood flow.
The Booster can be combined with any Blackroll foam roller. It comes with an integrated lithium-ion battery that can easily be charged with the included charger.

· Foam roller for self-massage
· With vibrating Booster
· Classic length, smaller diameter
· Perfect for travelling
· Especially active stimulation
· Hydration of fasciae and stimulation of blood flow
· Targeted massage e.g. of foot soles, hands, arms
· For use on the table, ground or wall
· Infinitely adjustable frequency range from 12 – 56 Hz
· 2250 mAh battery with 3x S1P = 11,1V
· 220V mains adapter: 5V output, 1000 mA
· Made in Germany
· Proven material quality
· Odourless and free of propellants
· Easy to clean
· 100 % recyclable
· Made in Germany

· Dimensions: approx. 30,6 x 10 cm
· Weight: approx. 1190 g

In the box:
· Blackroll Slim foam roller
· Oscillating Booster core
· Charger
· Booklet

Pictures: © BLACKROLL / Sebastian Schöffel

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Booster Set Slim Foam Roller

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Booster Set Slim Foam Roller

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