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BKOOL Smart Bike 2.0 Indoor Trainer

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The second generation of BKOOL’s smart bike features a new handlebar design for an even more realistic ride. The trainer’s clear, functional design focuses on reliable technology and precise resistance control.
That’s why it can do without built-in control units or displays. You can interactively control all features with your smartphone, tablet or computer and transfer all values via Bluetooth Smart and ANT+ for further analysis. The smart bike offers a wide range of training options in different realistic scenarios via the BKOOL app.

With a resistance of up to 1500 watt at 120 rpm, the electronics precisely adjust pedalling resistance according to your fitness level, based on a quick fitness test (FTP). FTP stands for functional threshold power and an FTP test is a simple way of determining your current cycling performance level. Once you’ve adjusted the saddle and handlebar of your Bkool indoor trainer to perfectly fit your body measurements, you should carry out this fitness test to determine your personal fitness level.

You can also use a heart rate monitor. The Bkool simulator is compatible with all heart rate sensors that support ANT+ or Bluetooth. Based on these reliable training data, the Bkool Smart Bike creates personalized resistance settings to help you achieve your goals. When in ERG mode, the trainer keeps the pre-set training load with time and target wattage at a constant level and automatically adjusts resistance. Regardless of speed, cadence and gear.
You can even switch to the ERG mode during a training session. Simply visit the Bkool website to download the cycling simulator after registration. After all, software and internet connection are the core of the interactive indoor trainer and allow you to enter the world of virtual races and compete against riders from all over the world. Of course, you can also disconnect your Smart Bike from the internet and train with the basic functions using the free Bkool remote app on your smartphone.

The Bkool cycling simulator offers a wide range of virtual training methods (partially only available with premium subscription):
• Route simulator: Customize the avatar you want to ride with. The progress of your training or race is controlled by the simulator and linked to the simulated race course. Train alone, in a team or with real competitors. Get in touch with athletes from all over the world and ride millions of different routes in 3D, video, profile or map view. One click is enough to switch between the different modes. The 3D World feature displays realistic routes as animation with their natural environment. Furthermore, you can upload GPX data of your favourite cycling routes, so that the simulator can reconstruct the route in 3D. The world is huge. It would be far too boring to only ride a few routes on your roller trainer.

If you want to experience the course from the rider’s perspective and feel as if you were actually on the road, you can activate the video view. Here, you can also upload self-recorded videos from your action camera or GPX data and share them with other members of the community. If you want to ride tactically and measure distances and times, you can read your position and those of your competitors from the map.
Another highlight is the Bkool Weather Technology, as it simulates the current weather and light situation on the track in real time. It even simulates the position of the sun and moon phases. It’s a great experience to feel the wind on the indoor trainer in the form of pedalling resistance, or to ride with lights on in the dark.

• Video courses: Boost your fitness whenever you want with the help of professional online trainers. The courses comprise different levels of cycling, training targets, trainers and music genres. Analyse the results on your workscreen and share them with friends all over the world.
• Workouts: Special training sessions by professional trainers help you achieve your training goals. Check your training zone, power output and cadence like a pro in the ERG mode. Sync your activities with Strava and Garmin and import MRC data from TrainingPeaks.

• Velodrome: Ride individual time trials or team pursuits with your avatar. Feel the adrenaline in Keirin, time trials or pursuits. Break records in classic races based on distance or time and challenge yourself again and again.
You can read the corresponding route and data from the bar at the bottom of the window during your session. Besides, it will be displayed at the end of your session, so you can save it for a more detailed view on the Bkool website. You can also save the session as a whole and add it to your training history.

Details of the Smart Bike indoor trainer:
• Modern, functional design
• Secure stand for heavy loads
• Up to 1500 watts of power (120 rev/min), 850 W (90 rev/min)
• Q factor: 188 mm
• Flywheel: 450 mm, approx. 14 kg
• Delivers power, cadence and speed data
• No calibration required
• Active simulation of inertia
• Control: interactive
• Cycling simulation via magnetic brake
• Progressive resistance
• Very quiet
• Almost silent poly-v belt transmission
• No maintenance required
• Connectivity: Bluetooth Smart (BLE) and ANT+
• Pairing with heart rate monitors possible
• Compatible simulators: Bkool cycling simulator (incl.) and Bkool remote control (free download).
• Firmware: online updates
• Power supply: 110-240 V
• Dimensions: approx. 144 cm long, 86 cm high, for inside leg 67-85cm
Weight: approx. 50 kg

Details remote app (only for smartphone):
• Software download: App Store/google Play
• Plug and Train: Connect your smartphone and control the resistance of your smart bike
• ERG mode: Simply set the time and target power (in watts). The smart bike will automatically adjust resistance.
• Gradient simulation: Choose the distance and gradient. The turbo trainer will even simulate resistance on descents.
• Cadence mode: Start your workout with a pre-set distance or time

Details of simulator software* (excerpt):
• Ride millions of different routes
• 4 different training methods
• Routes in 2D, 3D, video and map view
• Resistance control based on rider weight, route profile and weather conditions
• Virtual inertia
• BKool Real Weather technology
• Single or multiplayer sessions
• Voice chat with competitors
• Spectator mode
• Sportives with leagues and groups
• Create own routes based on video and GPX data
• Analysis platform with workscreen
• Rankings and individual training programmes
• Compatible with Strava, Garmin and TrainingPeaks
• Social Friends feature
• HD resolution (dependent on hardware)

What you need to use the simulator (system requirements):
• PC: from Windows 7 or later, 4 GB RAM, Dual Core Processor, 2 GB free hard disk space
• iOS: iOS 9.3 or later, iPad Air, iPad mini2 or later
• Mac: OSX 10.8, 4 GB RAM, 2 GB free hard disk space
• Android: Android 4.4, 1 GB RAM, Dual Core
(as of Oct. 2019)

• 2MB internet connection
• iPad needs ANT+ Wahoo Key (not included)
• Android tablets without built-in ANT+ need an additional OTG cable (not included)
• Bluetooth Smart (Windows 10 or later required)

In the box:
• Bkool Smart Bike 2
• Mains adapter
• USB ANT+ adapter
• Smartphone mount
• 3-month voucher for the BKOOL premium account. Afterwards, you will be charged for a renewed subscription on a monthly or yearly basis. The discount coupon may only be redeemed or activated in the country you’ve purchased your roller trainer from. The basic account is for free, but has only limited features: limited number of sessions, separate payment for route video, map view, leagues and groups, rankings, import routes, training progress in cloud, performance parameters, multi-platform; premium account available at www.bkool.com)


Compatible with ANT+:
Mechanical control:
Wireless control:
Magnetic resistance:
Fluid resistance:
Motor brake:
Without brake resistance system:
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