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African bull elephants are also called tuskers. They are true masters: fearless, majestic and strong. All these attributes can also be used to describe our fat bike THE TUSKER. It impressively moves on fat, 4-inch wide tyres that beefily and robustly slash their way forward. They offer a unique grip. The term bank must be redefined, slipping is almost impossible. Even steep climbs have to be re-evaluated: The outstanding traction almost automatically pulls you up any mountain. There are totally new challenges waiting for you! Even though the bike is quite massive, it is nimble, agile and not heavy at all. This is how it shows its potential as a genuine mountain bike, as a specialist for snow, sand, coarse gravel or mud – or simply as an eye-catching bike. One thing is clear: With THE TUSKER, you cannot swim with the tide!

THE TUSKER – a specialist that can do it all!