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Freeride – freedom in the mountains!


Freeriders are extreme and extremely exciting. They are made for heroic deeds and extreme situations; for tricks and moves that require skills and courage. Their job is clear: They must function perfectly downhill and in the air and they need to withstand quite a lot. Their area of use is clear as well: They are thrown down massive drops, are masters of the bike park and stunt bikes for stunts actions. In the past years, the limits of freeriding have been pushed further and further – what seemed impossible to ride some time ago, has now become reality. Riding skills improve and thus the material has to grow and get better all the time, too. And that’s why our freeriders are true experts, built specifically for their task: stable, reliable, with long travels and enormous shock absorption. High-quality components are indispensable for riding fun and safety. The focus is not on a low weight, but on durability and functionality.

Our SOUL FIRE rolls on 27,5“ wheels – the golden mean if you are looking for the ideal combination of good roll-over characteristics, stability and agility. Its highly effective suspension sets no limits; you can choose between 180 and 190 mm of travel. The resulting change of geometry allows you to adapt your bike to your riding style or to the prevailing terrain conditions. Even though riding fun is the most important thing, we have taken safety very seriously – because only a bike you can absolutely rely upon is a good bike.